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Super-Charged Loyalty Profits : 90-Seconds Demo

See in 90-seconds how super-charging customer engagement turns loyalty into a positive profit centre.

While many see marketing as a 'cost of doing business', taking a new approach to loyalty marketing turns that perceived business division expense into a new business profit centre.

Knowledge of what your customers purchases along with when, where, how much (+ other touch-points) means that you can speak to each customer personally and 'with relevance'.

When combined with an automated marketing engine, your customers are continually surprised and delighted with your company messaging.

While positive statistics of '18% increase in sales' are great, it's even better to have documented information showing that an effective loyalty program increases sales 10-fold verses no-loyalty.

It is because the sales increases are quantifiable that we can have the proof (not just stats) that an IQ Gecko powered loyalty solution increases customer retention, purchase frequency & spend values.

Showing that loyalty marketing is the best way to turn every marketing department/team into your companies next business profit centre.


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