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With over 70% sales revenue growth you need a better online store.

any one.

Promote your goods to friends, neighbours and thousands of people currently unknown.

any where.

Pro-actively market your products to customers here, there and anywhere.

any time.

Automation that ensures people can shop any day and all of the time (24/7).



• Intuitive interface and user-friendly design tools makes it easy to launch an online store quickly.

• Ability to market your products 24/7 and globally. 

• Online goods can include; physical products, digital downloads, courses, events, tickets and much more. 

• A wide range integrations means countless options for adding customised features and functionality.

• Add Loyalty with points - noting that points earned online can be redeemed in-store (and vice-versa).

• Add Gift Cards (and eGift Cards) which can be bought online and redeemed in-store (and vice-versa).

• Use limited time promo-codes to entice buyers.

• Click'n'Collect brings customers to your store which expands engagement and buying opportunities. 

• Freight calculator tools and delivery zones/limits gives your company complete logistical control. 

• Delivery option can have variable costs based on amount purchased (ie: free for orders over $100).

• Extend products sales and services beyond your own website & social channels with our online marketplace.

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Giving you the edge.

An integrated solution connected to your Loyalty and Gift Card programs.


Connect both loyalty members and non-members on an emotional level by using your IQcart eCommerce site and deliver true 1:1 personalised experiences.


of retail purchases are expected to be made via ecommerce by 2026.


of online shoppers report shopping internationally when they can't find a local business.


start their shopping journey online so it makes sense to let them to buy where they are.


of ecommerce sales revenue growth since 2019 means you need a better online store.


of Australian households participated in online shopping during 2021.


the amount an ecommerce platform order can increase with an added loyalty program.


and 365 days a year is when an ecommerce site is open and ready sell your products.


is the amount Australians spent online in 2021 - which is 19.3% of overall retail spend.


Buy + Pay

Order online from anywhere in the world + pay at table + room service + much more. 

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Customer engagement increases when allowing Click'N'Collect pickup.



You decide fees based on items and address to easily support your delivery service.



Automatically emailed with options to auto-print and push straight to the POS.  

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8 out of 10 Australians shop online.

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Be Uber Alerted in Real-Time

Have instant order notification with your online orders automatically printed in-store in real-time.   


Over and above order emails that are included with the platform, the hand-held POS terminal gives the capability to print, process and alert the customer with every step of the picking, packing and shipping process.  


Keeping your clients up-to-date is a major factor in customer retention, repeat business and word-of mouth sales growth.

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8 POS Terminal.png



Why wait?  Let customers pre-order everywhere and always.


As well as their Membership Card + displaying Loyalty Points, the IQcart app allows customers to select from one, some or many store locations to shop.


Customers are more likely to collect and use their loyalty rewards if they have easy access to them - and what’s easier than putting them in the palm of their hand


Keeping the solution fast, the customer is seamlessly auto-logged into the store of their choice.  Happy Shopping!​​




Perfect timing for Events & Attendance.

Our event ticketing solution means that tickets can be both Physical and Electronic.

Digital tickets and coupons are always securely on the customer phone.

Either way we can capture the time, date and location of the ticket sale and redemption.

As well as attendees, ticketing also confirms the non-attendees non-comings and non-goings too - so it is easy to document every person's attendance date and location in real-time.




Designed with Restauranteurs and Retailers in mind.

An all encompassing online solution that ticks every box:
☑ easy to manage online store.
☑ fast ordering for customers.
☑ orders auto-emailed.
☑ orders auto-printed.
☑ quick order status change that auto-emails updates to the customer.
☑ seamless interface with loyalty, gift cards, vouchers & promo-codes.
☑ order from table feature so customers can pre-order and pay in-store.
☑ reservation/bookings engine feature.




IQCart eStore Manager updates hundreds of online stores with pricing specific to each store in just a few single keystrokes.

Pre-schedule promotional pricing with the start/stop dates so at the end the campaign all online store prices automatically revert back.


Entice customers with; normal  promo prices, member-only and online-only prices.


Give each store the ability to; Add, Edit and Delete items in their eCommerce store. 

Want to grow online sales?

Let's talk!

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