Engaging with Loyalty Members.

Anytime and Everywhere.

Loyalty in

Your Hands

LoyaltyPad is a clean Point of

Sale view that reflects the merchant control panel settings.

Add a BarCode reader and LoyaltyPad will even more quickly and efficiently look up all of your loyalty and giftcard clients.

Don’t let the name LoyaltyPad' fool you.  Because LoyaltyPad is web-based it works perfectly on any SmartPhone, Tablet, Computer or Web Browser.

LoyaltyPad portability is perfect for:

  1. Mobile Loyalty

  2. Mobile Gift Card

  3. Mobile Tab Card

  4. Beer Gardens

  5. Concerts and Shows (eTickets & Drinks) 

  6. 18th-hole golf buggy beverages 

  7. Mobile Gym Membership

  8. In-Home Repairs

  9. Delivery Services

  10. Food Vendors


live demo

Show time.

The one where: you can binge on a double-feature with two LoyaltyPad shows for the price of none.


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