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Create flexible program styles that are perfect for your business from our huge range of features.
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We understand that taking a brand to the next level is not all about loyalty, it’s about being





A full suite of Loyalty features. Loyalty programs are 10x more effective than old marketing style & customers LOVE them!


Be paid to be given new clients.  40% of people visit a new location because of a Gift card they received.


Your 24/7 team-member that never sleeps.  You deserve a better online store with stock control, auto-orders and more. 

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70% of customers prefer to place their online order directly with restaurant.  Let them buy online or in-store via QR-code.


Enter the store where it is free for you to give points and discounted prices when redemptions do occur.


Real-time tickets and coupons for multiple locations over a specified time period. Includes the ability to pre-load funds.


Giving you Reporting tools to Measure, Manage and Review.  Loyalty, Gift Card & Sales info in one data-set + dashboard.


Assisting companies and their MarCom teams / Agencies on all things loyalty and customer marketing + data automation.

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Apps, Integrations and Cards that compliment loyalty programs and help companies expand their marketing reach. 

White Label Solution.

Our platform technology.  Your company branding. 

Your very own powerful and even fully automated Loyalty that takes care of your customers while you take care of business.

IQ Gecko helps you turn your customers into regulars, so all you have to do is practice saying ‘Welcome Back’.

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