Our Team.

Specialists in everything Loyalty and Technology.

Creatively design, develop and deploy innovations.

A passionate team with a dynamic expertise in customer experiences.

We work hard and think BIG.

Our goal is to strive for excellence with every  interaction and constantly push to be better.

We also shoot each other with Nerf guns.

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From concept to completion.

If we don't already have it then we can build it.  If it does not exist in the world today then we can create it.

Whether a new twist on a current solutions or new idea altogether, the talented IQ Gecko team can bring your concepts and ideas to life in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The only surprises we like are birthday presents - not unexpected costs.  So if you need something customised, we design upfront, fixed and 'surprise-free' scoped pricing for you.



SALES AND MARKETING and football tragic.

With 20+ years of experience in loyalty, banking and tech, Michael is always thinking up new solutions to improve and disrupt markets.



ANDROID GURU and world traveller.

A man who knows all the secret codes and everything Android, Ramesh loves to connect technologies which connects people.



CONSULTANT and all-around angel.

With her fantastic listening and life skills, Danielle 

realises needs and then designs results-driven solutions.



DIGITAL DEVELOPER and total surfer dude.

When Martin is not travelling the globe he can be found enjoying himself at multiple beaches with both his surfboard and Mac.



SOCIAL MEDIA and chocolate addict.

Always on the go while relaxing at the same time, Olivia massages the social media messages with humour and style.



BUSINESS ANALYST and whisky fan.

James blends high proof customer research and then batch extracts information into hand-crafted and perfectly custom designed solutions.


Quite simply - we help companies grow

We help companies grow by focusing on capturing and automating the customised interactions that power and personalise customer experiences.

Why do we focus on experience?

Because experiences are a key component of a holistic solution that impacts your customers and your business.

Customer engagements are the collective experiences based on every interaction the consumer has with your company or brand.

These touch-points engagements are strongly influenced by the platforms and technologies that enable these interactions.

The team at IQ Gecko know that experiences drive business growth & faster revenue which increases the customer lifetime value.

Our team collaborate with your in-house and external teams to ensure that your vision is realised.

We have detailed the most popular customer engagement and loyalty designs.

Collaboration & Growth statistics.

Up to 80% of businesses use collaboration to enhance processes.

47% of businesses emphasise marketing as their top growth strategy. 

Case studies.

Want to know: more about how IQ Gecko has helped our clients create engaging customer experiences?

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