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Reward Store.
Like your own Qantas store - only better.
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Employee benefits makes your staff feel connected, motivated and loyal.


Turn business clients into advocates while increasing sales.


Automation that ensures people can shop any time and every day (24/7/365).


Employee benefits

• Employee recognition boosts morale and motivation, which are crucial for employee engagement.

• Improve recruitment and attract top talent.

• Increase employee loyalty & better value alignment. 

• Appreciated employees = better customer experience.

• Business leaders say the recent shift to remote work makes it difficult to recognise and engage employee.

• Showing employees appreciation strengthens team performance and interpersonal connections. 

• More appreciation is always better, and consistency is critical to motivating employees.

• Lack of recognition is the #1 reason why employees quit (Gallup). 

• Sophisticated recognition programs are 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes (Deloitte). 

• Ninety percent of people say recognition motivates them to try harder (Achievers).

• The best part is that recognition programs don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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Very Rewarding.

An ecosystem that acquires, engages and retains customers.


Free Points

There is no charge to give points. Your company can give $10,000 in points, vouchers & rewards.  If only $10 is redeemed for goods, then your cost is only $10. 



Customers can mix and match and get the rewards.  ​Redeem with points, points + pay, points conversion and more which increases options and the customer experience.


Smart Orders

Multiple orders in real-time.  Automated orders are sent to suppliers ensures that all orders are processed on time and within the SLA.  Orders are auto-printed via cloud connect.


Data Insights

Drive customer purchases by product, vendor, category, etc. 

A 360° view of customer activity, applicable offers, orders, including a complaint management system.


Enjoy a huge range of global brands at discounted prices.


the amount of more long-term clients companies with a B2B loyalty programs generate  than those without one, 


of B2B companies agree that loyalty programs enhance customer retention and increases purchase frequency.


of brands with B2B loyalty program experience 10+% less customer churn.


of B2B marketers agree that implementing a loyalty program strengthens customer relationships. 

Customer driven organisations  > 
 retain better.
✓ acquire more.
 engage deeper.
 grow faster.
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