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Your company branded on-line store and reward centre.
One platform to configure, send and track all products, gift cards and rewards for customers employees and research participants.
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With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019, you know that consumers want to buy and be rewarded online.

The easy way to Shop and Reward.
There is no cost to give points, vouchers & reward values.
Your company can give $10,000 in points, vouchers & rewards. 
If only $10 is redeemed for goods, then your cost is only $10.
All non-redeemed amounts are free. 

Only pay for what is   

Like your own Qantas Store > only better

Your customers will be able to use:
✓ Purchase using ‘Points’
Purchase using ‘Points + Pay’
Purchase using ‘Gift Card’
Purchase using ‘Only Pay’ (credit card)
Click and Collect
Freight cost added based on size, weight & location
Order@Table auto-printed via posIQ
Click&Collect auto-printed via posIQ

Seamless Points Redemption Engine

The Rewards Store gives your clients very generous points redemption value while saving you money.  

Because the points are securely held in-house your company will not have any costs for giving points.

Only when the points are redeemed for goods will there be any cost incurred.

And even when the points are redeemed the purchase costs are discounted to

your company.

Shoppers Paradise

Only products of your selection are made available to your customers including; Movie Tickets, Gift Cards, Fashion Goods, Electronic Goods, White Goods and more.

So you can enjoy all the customer "thanks" while your company achieves Rewards Store discounts, rebates and savings.