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Have Customer Loyalty Everywhere

When your business is moving, you need a loyalty and gift card platform that can move with you.

Whether it be the likes of personal trainers, trades or a bricks & mortar businesses that offers services outside the store, in todays mobile market every company needs their loyalty and gift card platform to seamlessly work wherever they are.

Of course the solution requires a common platform that interfaces with the in-store POS as seamlessly as it does with the mobile app and web page. A platform that operates in 'real-time' so reward, gift cards and even tickets redeemed at one location cannot be quickly redeemed again at the next.

The capability to capture the basket data detailing what the customer purchased (along with price, place, time, etc) means that the merchant has the ability to 'market with relevance' and engage the consumer with personalised and 'tuned in' promotions.

Consumers love it when you go to where they are. Just think about it for a minute, when a consumer can still be rewarded for purchasing goods or services from your business while standing in a park, at an outside event or even in their own home - then your company is trusted and the consumer is engaged.

Your engaged customers deliver a 20+% premium over the average customer in the share of wallet, profitability and revenue.

By just looking at the 20+% increase in sales it is obvious that offering a strategic and mobile loyalty and gift card platform is one of the best examples of a cost-effective 'ROI' method to increase and improve the company bottom line.

Just some perfect solutions for a mobile platform include:

✓ Mobile Loyalty

✓ Mobile Gift Card

✓ Mobile Tab Card

✓ Beer Gardens

✓ Trade Services

✓ In-Home Services

✓ Mobile Gym Memberships

✓ 18th-hole golf buggy beverages

✓ Concerts and Shows (eTickets & Drinks)

Let your Loyalty + Gift Card campaigns run free. See how you too can enjoy the freedom of loyalty mobility here:

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