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A good read with a happy ending.

- ClientToolBox Guide -

StickyFeet Loyalty

User Guide for Campaigns, Points Ratios, Gift Cards, Rewards, 3-Step Reporting, Permissions and more.

posiq circle cloud.png

- posIQ Cloud Guide -

Easy POS Interfacing

Capturing and documenting every transaction + allocating applicable points in real-time.

loyaltypad circle.png

- LoyaltyPad Guide -

In-Store and Mobile Loyalty User Guide demonstrating the clean Point of Sale view that reflects the merchant control panel setting.

ScanForward logo.png

- ScanForward Guide - 

Designed for Microsoft POS

Seamlessly sending scanned barcodes, data and SKU/PLU Rewards from posIQ to your POS in real-time.


- Video Guide (50 sec) - 

Designed for Uniwell POS

Demonstrating the seamlessly interfaced Uniwell POS with the IQ Gecko loyalty and gift card platform in real-time.

casio circle.png


Including receipt marketing and seamless access to loyalty and gift card across multiple platforms are just some of this Casio success story.

Suncorp Business 02.png


With an exclusive Suncorp merchant design, this secure EFTPOS solution allowed for multiple campaigns and 0% MSF gift card transactions.



With the advent of our newly designed and more feature rich registration portal (Customer Web Portal 3) we have retired the older-design.

Easier than Ikea.

All instruction manuals are complimentary.  Of course feel free to contact us for any assistance or questions.

time save

Our instruction manuals save time and solve problems with a mere flick of the page.


more than 69 percent of customers prefer to handle problems independently.

taco bell

went from losing money to being worth $1.98 billion by revising manuals & processes.

More info.

Read about Point of Sale interfacing and how SaleGrabber solutions makes for seamless customer engagement.

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