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Modules to uplift and elevate every engagement for every industry.
Membership Management.png


Simplify your administrative tasks with our comprehensive membership tools.

Streamlined registration and easy renewal processes  ensure that focus is on building and nurturing your community while we handle the logistics:

☑ registration and onboarding.
☑ profile management.
☑ access control + permissions.
☑ engagement channels.

Customisable Plans.png

Custom Plans

Perfect for all association types, our system allows you to craft offerings that resonate with your audience.

Enjoy flexibility that enhances customer satisfaction while improving retention & revenue:

☑ tiered subscription levels.
☑ add-ons and upgrades.
☑ flexible billing options.
☑ discounts + promos.
☑ trial periods.



Documenting member training, accreditation & qualifications.

Know the level of knowledge and competency of businesses and member professionals.

Easily find subject matter experts in a chosen field.

Certification badges act as trust signals, indicating that a business or member meets the standards or qualifications.

Portal + Directory.png

Portal + Directory

Your association's hub for activity, commerce and more.

This high-engagement interaction channel is a very persuasive tool for driving: 

☑ introductions.
☑ collaboration
☑ education
☑ opportunities.

☑ business productivity.

☑ sales conversions.



Network from anywhere.

A quick and easy way to develop business and professional relationships.

Networking creates the right connections with the right people while increasing both business and personal profiles.

79% of professionals believe that career success depends on networking.

Video intros.png

Video Intros

In just a minutes you can meet the person (or company) before you engage them.  

With so many business options to choose from, Video Intro 'interviews' ensures that the rapport, ethics and enthusiasm aligns with your requirements.  

With Video Intros available 24/7, watch at a time that suits you before engagement.

Direct Comms.png

Direct Comms

Connecting with people and create possibilities.

Communicate directly with business members and companies.

Direct Communications fosters an environment where users can engage, collaborate, and interact seamlessly which enriches their experience and strengthening their connection.

members directory & marketplace.png


Expanding market reach beyond local limitations.

Enhancing visibility and credibility while transcending geographical boundaries allows businesses to explore and engage with partners and clients on a global scale.

Access to a broader audience ensures that sellers reach more buyers and vice versa.



Increase revenue streams with e-commerce capabilities.

Whether selling products, services or memberships, our secure and efficient platform simplifies online transactions, boosting your bottom line:

☑ sell products and services.
☑ shopping cart and checkout.
☑ manage inventory + orders.
☑ loyalty points and rewards.
☑ gift cards and e-gift cards.

event management.png


Make planning, promoting and executing events a breeze.

Fast event scheduling and ticketing with attendance tracking covering every aspect of event organisation for ensuring successful outcomes.

☑ creation and scheduling.
☑ ticketing and registration.
☑ attendee management.
☑ marketing and promo tools.
☑ free ticket redemption app.

Calendar Sync.png

Calendars Sync

Display events in one location by syncing the event calendars of select members with the associations master calendar.   

Syncing calendars streamlines scheduling, reducing conflicts and ensuring better utilisation of time.

This consolidation allows for a clear overview of commitments, aiding in effective time allocation.

ticketing app3.jpg

Ticketing App

Fast ticketing controls.

A mobile app that allows event organisers to scan customer tickets quick and securely.

Reduce customer waiting times and ensure a smooth entry process:

☑ barcode scanning.
☑ entry validation.
☑ multi-door/app reading.
☑ online and offline mode.

☑ interfaced with your events.



Manage meeting times.

Let your customers lock in their loyalty and lock in support with your business.

Sync with 3rd-party calendars and reminder automations:

☑ post-booking confirmations.

☑ auto-confirm x-days before.

☑ auto opt-in to marketing.

☑ date, time and floor-plans.

communication tools.png

Auto Comms

Effective communication is the lifeblood of every organisation.

Messaging channels keep clients informed and engaged.

Use automated email, sms and in-app messaging based on:

☑ events

☑ interests.
☑ category (new, etc)
☑ opportunities, renewal, etc.



Profitably pro-active.

Be auto-notified for goods/services tenders that are relevant to your company.​


Expedite the process of receiving, issuing, reviewing and submitting bids.

Direct Comms allows for clarification and better understanding of requirements.

Career Listings.png

Career Listings

 Increase visibility and have a wider audience for your career and job opportunities.

Attract a diverse range of candidates and gain access to a wider talent pool with varied skills and experiences.

 Improve hiring efficiency and gain valuable insights for future recruitment strategies.



Engage with new readers and bring your blogs to increased heights and a wider audience.

Educate, inspire, and entertain while opening doors to new relationships and collaborations.

Connect with like-minded individuals, influencers, or professionals in your field can expand your network.

Surveys & Feedback1.png


Gain valuable insights and feedback from your audience through our survey and feedback collection tools.

Make data-driven decisions to continuously improve your services and offerings:

☑ survey creation.
☑ build customised forms

☑ conduct member surveys.
☑ collect + manage feedback.

social media.png

Social Media

Seamlessly integrate social media platforms to amplify your online presence and engage with your audience across various channels.

Integration tools that ensure your content and reaches a wider audience which drives associate engagements.

☑ social media feeds.
☑ social sharing buttons.

loyalty and giftcard1.png


Loyalty: nearly 90% of people are in loyalty programs and engaged customers purchase up to 90% more often.

Giftcard: 40% of people visit a new merchant because of a Gift Card they received:

☑ app, digital or plastic cards.
☑ seamless in-store & online.
☑ new hardware not required.
☑ member balance tracking.
☑ loyal clients = more profits

Referral and Affiliate.png

Affiliate Programs

A Referral and Affiliate System that empowers businesses to boost growth effortlessly.

Facilitates referrals and affiliate partnerships with simplified tracking and rewards that elevate the association reach:

☑ customisable referral links.

☑ real-time tracking.

☑ 2-way and tiered rewards.

☑ real-time auto rewards.

☑ marketing resources.


Fundraising Tools

Explore a multitude of fundraising opportunities with our platform.

Mobilise support, collect donations and advance your mission by leveraging our fundraising tools:

☑ online donation platform.

☑ create new campaigns.

☑ campaign management.

☑ donation engagement tools.

☑ reporting and analytics.

reporting & analytics.png


Access comprehensive reports and analytics to measure your organisation's performance and make informed decisions for growth and improvement.

We provide the data you need to understand your audience and refine your strategies:

☑ track website analytics.
☑ track google search.

☑ built-in online reporting.

☑ reportable and exportable.


App (iOS + Android)

Yep, there's an App for that!

Keep connected with your audience where ever they are.

An association branded mobile app ensures on-the-go access and engagement and improves the member experience:

☑ user friendly interface.
☑ multi-platform support.
☑ push notifications.
☑ location-based features.

All-In-One Software.

Seamless customer engagement, loyalty, communication tools, website and event content management, e-commerce functionality, a mobile app and more.


of businesses emphasise marketing as their top growth strategy. 


is the amount of POS brands that we seamlessly interface IQ Gecko loyalty with.


connectivity allows tracking of member data + purchases for insights and campaigns,


personalisation turns buyers into super-fans with omni-channel client engagements.

Want a better management software?

Let's talk!

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