Taking the old

Shop Local and

Club Rewards ideas...

and putting them on steroids.


Love Locals feature

is included within

 the StickyFeet 

 base platform

LoveLocals Features

No new hardware costs


100% cloud

based technology

Merchant auto “Thank-You” emails

Club prizes used for Merchant promos (free)

Every transaction captured

if you can imagine

a harmonious community where the local Club both sources their goods (for prize draws, etc) from local Businesses while

expanding their Club Rewards outside the Club and to the community through

those same Local Businesses. 

Creating a more successful Club,

many very enthusiastic Businesses and

heaps of actively engaged Consumers 

across the entire community.

and a place where

your groceries and daily coffee adds up to that new shirt that you had your eye on or a great night at your favourite restaurant?

of local searches purchase within

2 hours


of online activity is locally based


of shoppers search for local 

businesses online


then you have just imagined...

IQ Gecko guarantee that your Love Locals 

sales will exceed our costs…..or it's FREE.


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We'Re Happy To Chat.  Even @ The Office.

Really, we have offices. We do dress a little bit groovy and wear sneakers, but we're there.  Call. us now,  We'll answer the phone.  In fact, pretty much 9 times out of 10 you'll speak to one of the owners. We're old school like that.


Tel: (+61 2) 8007.6440


Email: stickyfeet@iqgecko.com.au

Post: 3408 / 1 Sergeants Lane,

St Leonards, NSW, Australia, 2065

ViSiT - Office & Warehouse

Unit 16, 276 New Line Road

Dural, NSW, Australia, 2158


Monday - Friday: usually 9am-5pmEST

Saturday/Sunday: Nothing scheduled but we're often online or in the office so give it a go!

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