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 Do you want to connect Customers to your Business?
Web-based and App-based options are available to capture member data while including all your design + features + campaign styles.
Merchant branding

Login with Email ability

Forgot P/W security
Name, Number & Join Date

Membership Barcode

Add to StoCard app feature
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Style: Points Campaign

Purchases displayed

Style: Purchased Amount
More than just contact details, a member portal done right entices customers to return more often.
Want something a bit more 'hands-on'?
Try our self-editable customer registration portal.

It feels just like using a word processor while having a multitude of features.

That is what makes our Premium Portal the “solution of choice" for many marketers.

Of course the ability to instantly edit text and images “on-the-fly” will always keep the marketing team happy  :)