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Customer Portal
Your brand in demand. Enticing your customers to return more often.


Your customer registration portal makes a fantastic impression & reflects your company quality and style. 


Complete with two-factor verification, when viewed on a mobile device, the web portal has an app-like look and feel.


With environmental concerns on customers minds, your plastic-free customer portal sets you above the crowd .

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Positively perfect

• Proudly displaying your company logo and colours.

Secure two-factor verification.

• Real-time registration for immediate use.

• Personal registration ensures member privacy. 

• Capturing member details (name, email, mobile#).

• Capturing member interests (sport, wine, holidays, etc).

• Ability to login in with email or mobile# or member#.

• Member name, number and barcode displayed.

• Link to your online store via the Customer Portal.

• Link to your social media pipes via the Customer Portal.

• Link to your Customer Portal from a QR-code.

• Link to your Customer Portal from your website.

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Omni-channel presence.

With multiple registration channels, customer easily become part of your engaging loyalty marketing system.


of consumers spend more on brands to which they are engaged loyal members.


of customers say they would switch brands for a better loyalty program.


of Australian SME entities say loyalty members spend more than other customers.


say that belonging to a loyalty program makes them feel like they’re saving money.

Web-based and App-based options are available to capture member data while including all your design + features + campaign styles.
Merchant branding

Login with Email ability

Forgot P/W security
Name, Number & Join Date

Membership Barcode

Add to StoCard app feature
Style: Points Campaign

Purchases displayed

Style: Purchased Amount

Case studies.

Want to know: more about how IQ Gecko has helped our clients create engaging customer experiences?

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