Connecting to Every POS

including Yours.

Windows POS

We interface with 

PC-Based POS running MS Windows for seamless and intuitive customer transactions.

Casio POS

By integrating to Android POS such as the Casio

V-R200 and V-R7000 we offer additional features and functionality not even offered by Australian’s largest retailers.

UniwelL POS

Residing on your network server or Raspberry Pi, IQpython injects customer information directly onto your Uniwell POS display for simple interaction.

Any & Every POS

Supercharging every POS

Perfect for Every Vendor, Franchisor, Retailer, Multi-Location & Buying Group.


captures every sale.

Either integrated or interfaced with your POS, SaleGrabber captures the transitional data and attaches this data to the Loyalty Customer.  

This is called “Basket Data”.

Now your company can track exactly who bought what, where, when and for how much.

And yep, we work with plenty of marketing people who turn this data into gold.

Features Include:


+ Displaying Customer Name on the POS

+ Displaying Customer Points on the POS

+ Points earned @ POS automatically

+ Points spent being tracked through the POS

+ Auto-capture every loyalty sale value

Optional Features:

   lookup customer without card

  capture every sale (not just loyalty)

  capture loyalty Basket Data

  capture every sale Basket Data

  intelligent receipt marketing 

(ie: print a Coke coupon when a Pepsi is purchased)

Show time.

The one where: you can binge on a double-feature of two SaleGrabber shows for the price of none.

Casio POS

info video

PC POS + Uniwell POS

info video

We're happy to chat.  Even @ the office.

Really, we have offices. We do dress a little bit groovy and wear sneakers, but we're there.  Call. us now,  We'll answer the phone.  In fact, pretty much 9 times out of 10 you'll speak to one of the owners. We're old school like that.


Tel: +61 2 8007 6440


Post: 3408 / 1 Sergeants Lane,

St Leonards, NSW, Australia, 2065

VISIT - Office & Warehouse

Unit 16, 276 New Line Road

Dural, NSW, Australia, 2158


Monday - Friday: usually 9am-5pmEST

Saturday/Sunday: Nothing scheduled but we're often online or in the office so give it a go!

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