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Engaging loyalty that STICKS.


Create one, some or lots of loyalty campaigns to reach out to your clients.


Build a strong connection with your customers by engaging with personalised campaigns 


Build loyalty, improve satisfaction and increase spend and frequency.


Multi-channel loyalty

• In today's business landscape, loyalty programs are essential for cultivating lasting customer relationships. 

• We’re 100% dedicated to helping you engage and retain customers and achieve brand affinity.

• Personalised engagement can be challenging at scale. IQ Gecko is focused on making it easy.

Self-service and templated automated campaigns including journeys that follow your business rules.

• Dedicated enterprise loyalty platform that converts complex work into simplified loyalty solutions.

• Making it easy to engage customers and send the right message to specific customers on their preferred channel, at the perfect time.

• Empower employees, foster customer loyalty, offer member rewards + promote and engage your brand.

• IQ Gecko powers enterprise brands across retail, hospitality, sport, consumer goods, events & agencies. 

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nearly 90% of people engaged in loyalty programs buy 90% more often.


is the amount of POS brands that we seamlessly interface IQ Gecko loyalty with.


connectivity allows tracking of member data + purchases for insights and campaigns,


personalisation turns buyers into super-fans with omni-channel client engagements.

Loyalty = Profits.

We all know the 80/20 rule where 20% of your loyal customers earn 80% of your profits. 


of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if they are part of a loyalty program.


higher revenue achieved when companies prioritise the customer experience.


of consumers spend more on brands to which they are engaged loyal members.


of consumers state that a good experience plays a vital role in their brand loyalties.

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Trusted by top brands.

Loyalty customers are repeat customers who buy more often and spend more during each shopping experience.

IQ Gecko innovative tools assists brands to support their retailers while creating 1:1 direct relationships with the customer.

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Loyalty IQ engagement.
Know Everything. Everywhere. All the Time.

IQ Gecko is a technology company that is totally  customer-obsessed and creates innovative customer-led solutions.
From new startups to global companies, businesses of every size use our software to optimise how they run their business, build more profound engagement with their customers and create a more filling experiences. 
When you’re thinking of creating a new and exciting loyalty program, we’re the technology specialists you need to start, grow and win.
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