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Loyalty feature

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 base platform

Keep your customers from straying to the competition.

IQ Gecko lets you "try before you buy”.

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Loyalty programs are 10x more effective that old type of traditional marketing

and customers love them.

Strengthen your customer relationships through improved engagements.

Reward your customer and see an increase in average visit and increased spend.


Nearly 90% of people are in loyalty programs and most more than one.

Loyalty and

Gift Cards

Forget those frayed paper card.  

Launch your own Loyalty and Gift Card program for a fraction of what

the large companies pay.  

Loyalty and Gift Card for Enterprise

Ready to play with the big boys?  

Our module solutions feature mobile apps, 

in-depth reporting, campaign and report automation, segmentation tools, analytics 


POS, CRM, ERP and on-line store interfaces.

Loyalty Campaigns to suit every business

Points for Dollars (Most Popular)

Awarding points for money spent allows for versatility as you can award any point-to dollar ratio you like. You can configure custom reward levels to be reached and assign specific permissions for staff members which gives you complete control over the program.

Buy X Get One Free (ie. Buy 5 coffees and the 6th is free)

Ditch those paper punch cards to launch an official loyalty program for a fraction of what large businesses pay. Your new, secure and trackable system lets you reward customers based on their purchase quantities such as “Buy 5 and get the 6th Free”.  Track which specific item was the most popular “free” item of your loyalty members.  You can even use this program with or without cards.


Two*Tier (A fund-raiser favourite)

A specialty program that lets a percentage of each transaction to be added to a separate campaign.  Perfect for Business Referral Groups, Charities and Schools (see Canteen Solutions).

Coalition (popular with shopping centres, franchises and multi-location organisations) 

The customer only needs to register once but can earn points at multiple locations.  Depending on your preference, the points can be earned and redeemed at all locations - or have points redeemed only at each location where they were earned. 

Enterprise Customer Engagement (Premium Packages) 

Our premium packages includes our Web Portal, Mobile App, In-depth Analytics and Automation Tools. And that’s just a start.  Contact us now to design your best-of-breed solution.

Don’t see the campaign you are looking for?

Just contact us because "99 times out of 100” we can create a campaign style just for you.

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Really, we have offices. We do dress a little bit groovy and wear sneakers, but we're there.  Call. us now,  We'll answer the phone.  In fact, pretty much 9 times out of 10 you'll speak to one of the owners. We're old school like that.


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