Reports & Analytics.

Reporting and Exporting: customer engagement data.

Mission-critical information.

The ability to perform sophisticated and innovative reporting with analytics in only 3-steps (or automated) is becoming critical for all organisations.

Processing timely data and the proper reporting and analytic capabilities enhances the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.


Reporting, analytics and information delivery can have a transformational impact on an organisation.

By having a reporting system in place that provides both relevant and accurate real-time information, key decisions can be made with the proper decision making tools. 

The power to report and review data will give you the greater information insight that you need to better your campaigns, marketing, profits and business.

Know everything.


Organisations are increasingly under competitive pressure to not only acquire customers but also understand their customers’ needs to be able to optimise customer experience and develop longstanding relationships.

By sharing their data and allowing relaxed privacy in its use, customers expect companies to know them, form relevant interactions, and provide a seamless experience across all touch points.

This is why companies need to capture and reconcile multiple customer identifiers such as cell phone, email and address, to one single customer ID.


Customers are increasingly using multiple channels in their interactions with companies, hence both traditional and digital data sources must be brought together to understand customers’ behaviours.

Additionally, customers expect and companies need to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences.

It's not magic - it's data.


Businesses can reap the benefits that come from data and analytics in terms of driving positive outcomes for their own business and their customers, while still maintaining and facilitating the highest level of data protection.

Products are the life-blood of any organisation and often the largest investment companies make. The product management team’s role is to recognise trends that drive strategic roadmap for innovation, new features, and services.

Effective data collation from company touch-points such as web, in-app and in-store sources combined with analytics help companies stay competitive be alert when trends and demands change. 

Our technology gives the ability to anticipation of what the market demands to provide the product before it is requested.


Omni-channel data capture offers the opportunity for interactions to be based on the personality of the customer, by understanding their attitudes and considering factors such as real-time location to help deliver personalisation in a multi-channel service environment.

Making every customer interaction a personal one. 


Knowledge is power

With the vast range of IQ Gecko modules, businesses can collect data along every point of the customer journey.


This information can include customer touch-points from email communications, mobile apps, online shopping, coupon responses and even in-store purchases. 


All this data is contributing to a customer data fingerprint that is completely unique to its owner.

IQ Gecko plays well with others - including your POS, CRM and ERP systems.


Our database platform API's are built to connect to the best of the best and be stronger together..

With our transactional basket data information you can know exactly who purchased what, where, when and for how much..

Automate reports and campaigns with IQ Genius.

Myer Australia results show a +650% increase in sales when pro-actively using data to engage customers

Myer saw a respectable 3.4% sales increase with the introduction of a Loyalty campaign.

Myer sales increased 22.1% when using customer engagement Reporting Data with Loyalty.

This equals a huge 650% sales increase when using customer data. 

Fast 3-Step Reporting.
Better gauge your demographic and increase the customers overall spend average and frequency.
3-Step Reporting
Report by Date Range
Report by Campaign
Who buys the most?
How many have joined?
How many have not been back?
Celebrate Customer Birthdays
Search Customers by Keyword
View Customer Balances Report

Use reporting and multiple sourced analytical data to give your customers what they want.

of consumers want to receive offers customised and personalised specifically to them. 


of customers want staff to have access to their previous activities (purchases, trends, personal likes, etc).