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Customer Engagement Data

Myer Australia results show a +650% increase in sales when pro-actively using data to engage customers

Sales with a 

Loyalty Card Only campaign


Increased sales with using Customer Engagement

data within the Loyalty Campaign


By using Customer Engagement Data the sales increased by 650% 


3 Steps: Reports > Marketing
> Who buys the most?  

> Who has not been back in a while?  

> How many have just joined?  

> Run a report to better gauge your demographic so as to increase the overall spend average and frequency. 

> Different filtered Reports can be generated to output a variety of audited Customer outcomes.

Run a report and export the results to Excel for simple upload to your preferred marketing service.

Marketing to your client loyalty-base in 3 steps: 

1. Report  

2. Export  

3. Send

Email All of your loyalty customers or using the StickyFeet reports you can also segment by:

date range

 purchase frequency

 birth dates 

 search customer by keyword

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Knowledge is Power

We play well with other - including your POS, CRM and ERP systems.  

Our platform is built to connect to the best of the best and be stronger together.

With our transactional basket data information you can know exactly who purchased what, where, when and for how much.


of consumers want to receive offers customised specifically to them 



of customers want staff to have access to their previous activities (purchases, trends, personal likes, etc)