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Reports and Analytics.
Supporting reporting, exporting and dashboards.


What you need to inform your evidence-based business decisions.


Know Everything. Multi-channel client interactions in one common data set.


360° profiles which build truly personalised 1:1 customer engagements.


Not Magic - Data

• Okay, it's both Magic and Data.  

• Multi-channel 'magic data' is used to create 360° customer profiles. 

• Customer data is captured via the online store, cloud, in-app and in-store (interfacing with every POS brand).

• Build build 1:1 relationships and reap the benefits in terms of driving positive outcomes.

• Know everything. Use data captured across multiple touch-points to anticipate customer needs.

• Customers use multiple channels. To grasp customer behaviour, blend traditional and digital data sources.

• Customers expect and companies need to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences.

• Look up a customer by their registered; name, email address, mobile number or card number.

• Dashboard reports can be filtered to specifically view: stores, vendors, brands and products across x-dates.


Information transformation.

The power to report and review data will give you the greater information insight that you need to better your campaigns, marketing, profits and business.


of consumers want to receive offers customised and personalised specifically to them.


of customers want staff to have access to their previous activities (purchases, trends, personal likes, etc).


Myer sales increased 22.1% when using customer engagement Reporting Data with Loyalty.


Myer Australia reporting results show a +650% increase in sales when pro-actively using data to engage customers

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Critical information.

Processing timely data with reporting & analytic capabilities to enhance your informed and evidence-based business decisions.

Fast 3-Step Reporting.
Better gauge your demographic and increase the customers overall spend average and frequency.
3-Step Reporting
Report by Date Range
Report by Campaign
Who buys the most?
How many have joined?
How many have not been back?
Celebrate Customer Birthdays
Search Customers by Keyword
View Customer Balances Report

IQ Gecko innovative tools assists brands to support their retailers while creating 1:1 direct relationships with the customer.

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