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Data Security
Let's Be Serious.  Your Data Safety and Integrity is "The Most Important Thing."
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Safety and integrity of data is all-important to us.

One of the benefits of using the StickyFeet platform from IQ Gecko is that since the data is not kept on our computers, you don’t need to worry about viruses, computer crashes, or making sure the latest upgrades are installed on your own equipment.

We have worked with companies like Best Western Hotels, Harley-Davidson, Toys”R”Us and Suncorp Bank for many reasons - including our exceptionally good cloud data security.


Amazon Web Services.


Multiple dedicated AWS servers.

No shared “slices” in crowded devices. 

Firewall for top-line security.

Load balancer that ensures there’s always a server available.

Instant replication of data across all servers so it doesn’t matter which server you hit.

The added benefit of instant replication ensures that everything is always immediately backed up.

Our code base is kept in digital escrow at Iron Mountain.  yes you read that right, the code is kept @ THE Iron Mountain company.

With this kind of oversight you can sleep very well at night.

Accessing the latest cloud securities

✓ 24-hour surveillance and restricted access.  

✓ Multi-homes redundant backbone fiberoptic connections for the fast response and data transfer.

✓ Multiple backup UPS and diesel generator.

CISP compliance means that you can rest assured knowing    that we're meeting the industry's highest standards of protection.


✓ Redundant HVAC and early detection fire suppression system.

The average person uses 36 cloud-based services every single day.

90% of all companies use the cloud for some (or all) of their business.

By 2025 there will be over 100 zettabytes of stored cloud data. 


1 zettabyte = a billion terabytes (or a trillion gigabytes).

Cloud data statistics.

Check our work.

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