Enable real-time Points + Gift Card benefits as rewards and payments On-Line and at the Point-of-Sale.

A seamless flow of benefits and basket data information between program managers, brands, retailers and shoppers. 


Provide real-time discounts for all (or just some) products across local, regional, national, international & online locations.


Create and automate custom campaigns & leverage customer data to attract, retain and increase your member base & spend.


Enable customer freedom to convert Points and Gift Cards into real-time spending at every store POS & online location.

Campaigns and Reports

With so many types of Loyalty Campaigns we are certain to have the exciting solution that you and your team are looking for.

 The power of our included Free Gift Card solution and Reports means that your customer loyalty will really be taking off. 

Well Connected

As well as being the loyalty engine, the StickyFeet loyalty platform is also the

link that connects other modules.

This gives your company access to all of the latest loyalty technology features. 

Enhance your custom Program Style with included solution features.  

Just a few of our unique cloud-hosted features include:

  Store the dollar (or any currency) amounts spent as well as points earned for ultimate reporting.

  Unlimited rewards and promotions.

  Create promotional marketing via email programs with integrated Email and SMS engines.

  Send 'receipt emails' whenever a transaction occurs from the cloud, no matter your device.

  Use just 1 account ID (Digital/Phone or Plastic Card) across all your programs and locations.

  'Parent/Child' Programs – Use Several Cards (even Credit Cards) attached to a single account.

  Create and store information from unlimited custom fields for both Customers & Transactions.

  Batch Import & Export Clients and Transactions and you have access to our robust API. The only limitation is your imagination.

StickyFeet empowers your marketing efforts, consultancy, collateral sales + much more.  

Marketing People Love Us

The StickyFeet loyalty platform enables companies to better understand and incentivise their customers which allows them to engage in a much more

meaningful way.  

In the Australasia region this is especially true because of the additional modules created and connectivity added.

We give your company the power and control over all of your customer engagement data.

We’re Global

And we’re also your local team.

The same StickyFeet real-time cloud Customer Engagement platform is supported and used by Merchants in over 65-countries - making StickyFeet the Worlds Largest Loyalty Platform.

Show time.

The one where: we give a demo of the base platform solution.


Base Platform

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