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Sending personalised messages to the exact right people @ the perfect time


The freedom to automate your pro-active marketing in the most customised and personalised way. 

To: Debbie Williams

Subject: Welcome to our happy 'Pet Pal' family

Pet Playground

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Customer Journeys

Pre-built Journey Templates

Welcome Journey

Lost customer

Customise pre + post purchase pathways

Transactional promo and follow-up  

Easy Setup Automations

Included Features

Email Templates

Date Based (Birthdays, Holidays, etc)

Location Based

Product Based

If/Then logic

Coding not required

Proximity to Points Rewards

Order Confirmation

First Order Lifecycle

Multi-Trigger designs


Schedule email times for optimum results

Your Automagic Loyalty Manager

auto strategy builder.
✓ personal engagements.
 self running campaigns.
 success tracking.
 growth reporting.

Sit Back and Relax

The IQ Genius engine is like having your own marketing team continually working

on your campaigns 24/7.

Campaigns will now just run automagically when a specified action

(or non-action) has occurred.

Make your own campaign templates or use our templates for campaigns:  

  Increase Average Ticket Size

  Welcome New Customer

  Reduce Slow Times

  Missing Customer

  Happy Birthday

  Heaps More

Intelligent Marketing


Market Intelligence

Engage the consumer journey are proven to drive increased activity and transactions. 

Every campaign is set to automatically “trigger” based on preset business rules which means that customers are automagically receiving the right communications at the right time.

Show time.

Email Template 

Create + Automate

Email Template 


Email Template 


The one where: you can binge on heaps of IQ Genius shows for the price of none.

Automation Admin Console

Automation Design

Promo Codes  Create+Duplicate