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Personalised messages to the exact right people at the perfect time.


Increase revenue per customer with individualised growth programs that deeply integrate with your product to target, engage and reward customers.


With robust analytics and insights you will see which growth programs are having the greatest impact – so you can drive even more of it.


Maximise engagement results and build brand loyalty by incorporating an enhanced shopping experience across all marketing channels.


Designed the way you need it

• Email Templates.

• Date Based (birthdays, holidays, etc). 

• Product Based (food, drink, clothes, etc).

• Location Based (store, state, territory).

• If/Then Logic.

• Coding Not Required.

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Personalised and dynamic customer engagements are adaptively triggered specifically targeting customers' behaviour.

Promo selection based on member actions.

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Data-driven decisions.

Automated marketing campaigns based on the the omni-data collected gives you the insights you need for superior campaign results.


of marketers are now using automation for segmentation purposes.


of marketers use automation for drip or nurture campaigns & to create triggered emails.


the percentage that marketing automation increases click-through rates for sales emails. 


the higher conversion rate of personalised automatic campaigns results when compared to mass campaigns. 

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