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Your Automagic Loyalty Manager

auto strategy builder.
✓ personal engagements.
 self running campaigns.
 success tracking.
 growth reporting.

Sit Back and Relax

The IQ Genius engine is like having your own marketing team continually working

on your campaigns 24/7.

Campaigns will now just run automagically when a specified action

(or non-action) has occurred.

Make your own campaign templates or use our templates for campaigns:  

  Increase Average Ticket Size

  Welcome New Customer

  Reduce Slow Times

  Missing Customer

  Happy Birthday

  Heaps More


Doing it Automagically

The IQ Genius module gives you the freedom to Automagically market to your customers in the most pro-active way. 

Automated experiences that engage the consumer journey are proven to drive increased activity and transactions. 

Every campaign is set to automatically “trigger” based on preset business rules which means that customers are automagically receiving the right communications at the right time.

Intelligent Marketing


Marketing Intelligence

Although some may call our technologies and analytical data an unfair advantage, you will get no apologies from us as our belief is that we exist to help companies better relate and engage with their customers.