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B2B & Staff Loyalty
Cost-efficient retention + revenue driver.
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Loyalty Leverage.

Your company-branded Reward Store ensures reduced retail prices when points are redeemed. Giving customer satisfaction while optimising costs. 

Cost-effective Rewards.

The IQ Gecko offers an Australia-wide platform to attract, acquire and retain your best customers and employees with 'zero cost' for points given and discounted prices for goods redeemed.


of businesses are more likely to make purchases when there is a company B2B program.


of staff members are more excited with the right mix of benefits and rewards. 


of companies offering B2B loyalty programs find it improves customer retention.  


of employers believe that benefits assist them in recruiting top talent.

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Fulcrum Suspensions wanted a top-notch IQ Gecko powered loyalty plan to inspire their base, build loyalty and create excitement for the brand

Cost to replace an employee = 2.5 x multiples of the salary.

31% of employees are likely to leave within two years.

Increased profits by a business halving employee turnover.

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Never pay retail when rewarding with 

gift cards, movie tickets, white goods, luggage or anything else.

Luggage example:

When your Customer or Employee  redeems $750 worth of Reward Points on a Samsonite Travel Bag, with the 39% discount it can cost your company as little as only $458. 


RRP (Value of Points redeemed)



off of RRP

Actual cost

of Reward


It’s only logical to reward your Customers and Employees with great Rewards.  

It's even more logical to do it wholesale!

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Fully managed on-line store.  Like your own Qantas points redemption store - only better.


The best rewards are the ones we can select for ourselves.


The Reward Store is a perfect world with no cost to give points and wholesale prices when redemptions do occur.  ​​




Be with your customers everywhere.  Engaging Apps increases customer buying spend and frequency.

Customers are more likely to collect and use their loyalty rewards if they have easy access to them - and what’s easier than putting them in the palm of their hand?

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Know Everything.  Every sale from Every store and Every person - Every time!

In-store transactional data in real-time gives immediate information that is as rich and valuable as it is indispensable.

All Sales and Loyalty info in one database.

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Engaging with your loyalty & gift card members - anytime and anywhere.

Cloud-connected Loyalty and Gift Cards with your customers on any web-enabled device.

Because LoyaltyPad is web-based it works perfectly on any Smart-Phone, Tablet, Computer or Web Browser.

“If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is Everything”.

Frederick F Reichheld ~ Author of “The Loyalty Effect”.

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