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Rewarding Customers makes good economic business sense.

Whatever the preferred reward, with IQ Gecko your

B2B Reward Program means that you do not pay the “retail” amount for the rewards you give.  

Imagine if you could liquidate the Reward Points given for only a fraction of the Recommended Retail Price.   

Now you can because wholesale rewards is what B2B Solutions from IQ Gecko is all about. 

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Satisfied Employees

Perform Better.

“If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is Everything”.

Frederick F Reichheld ~ Author of “The Loyalty Effect”.


Multiples of the salary it costs to replace

an employee

Increased profits earned by a Business halving 

employee turnover


Employees likely to leave employment within two years


An estimate of up to what replacing one employee can cost


Never pay retail when rewarding with 

gift cards, movie tickets, white goods, luggage or anything else.

Luggage example:

When your Customer or Employee  redeems $750 worth of Reward Points on a Samsonite Travel Bag, with the 39% discount it can cost your company as little as only $458. 


RRP (Value of Points redeemed)



off of RRP

Actual cost

of Reward


It’s only logical to reward your Customers and Employees with great Rewards.  

It's even more logical to do it wholesale!