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Be with your Customer
In conjunction with our SaleGrabber module, the Premium Portal gives “Post-Points” self-claiming capability to the customer.
This is a solution that is so unique that Australia’s largest corporate merchants have still not been able to replicate it.
And yes, we mean you Woolworths and Coles.

Automated Receipt QR Codes

A QR-code is created at the bottom of the receipt when a non-loyalty member sale is transacted on a SaleGrabber enabled POS.

The QR code is used by the consumer to self stamp and essentially “claim” the sales transaction at a later time.  

A fantastic and subtle way to entice more members to join at a later time.

Web-based and App-based options are available to capture member data while including all your design + features + campaign styles.
Merchant branding

Login with Email ability

Forgot P/W security
Name, Number & Join Date

Membership Barcode

Add to StoCard app feature
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Style: Points Campaign

Purchases displayed

Style: Purchased Amount

Feeling 'Appy.

A couple of: App examples.

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