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Buying + Franchise
Seamless in-store, in-app, and cloud solutions for every buying group and franchise business.
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Streamline and Enhance.

Enjoy the advantages of our ecommerce, in-store, in-app and cloud solutions that optimise all aspects of every business.

Collective benefits.

Making sense of the fractured data from multiple POS and eCommerce sources feels like an uphill battle.

Fortunately, we have your solution.

know all

Know every transaction from every location in real-time and in one common data set:

Who | What | Where | When | Price | Points.

100% yours

Your group holds the exclusive rights to your loyalty members, along with the tangible asset value of your membership database.


Engaging clients with our automated marketing tools will actively incentivise repeat sales for all the businesses affiliated with your group.  

free points

With points being free to give and redeemed your way

(at one, some or all locations)

you have a seamless & auto-mated loyalty points solution.


Head Office tools to update all merchant ecommerce sites. Each merchant has estore  product listings, RRP and freight over-ride capabilities.


Creating double-digit loyalty member sales growth ensures that your affiliated businesses remain happily committed to your group.


Boost organisation revenues by providing anonymised transactional, trending, and marketplace data insights to vendors for profitable fees. 


Group loyalty programs can increase Average Transaction Values (ATV) by 20% or more because of higher purchase frequency + larger sale values.

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Every transaction is captured from any amount of different POS brands to give all Loyalty and Sales data in one location.

Know how much and what each store sells.

.  Greet each member by name even if you have never met before.

Automatically add member points.  Surprise and delight members when you  seamlessly redeem rewards with 1 button touch.


View the 'last 10 transaction, scan in serial numbers and email receipts. 




Update hundreds of online stores with pricing specific to each store in just a few single keystrokes.

Pre-schedule promotional pricing with the start/stop dates so at the end the campaign all online store prices automatically revert back.


Entice customers with; normal  promo prices, member-only and online-only prices.


Give each store the ability to; Add, Edit and Delete items in their eCommerce store. 




Be with your customers everywhere.  Engaging Apps increases customer buying spend and frequency.

70% of customers prefer to place their order online.  Let them buy in-store, online or even via QR-code.​​


Effortless Reward Redemption.​​


Customers are more likely to collect and use their loyalty rewards if they have easy access to them - and what’s easier than putting them in the palm of their hand?




Downloadable reports and customised dashboards for HQ, Stores and Suppliers.

With in-store and on-line sales all in one common data set.


Personally engage loyalty members based on when, where and what they purchased as well as how much they spent and how often they visit. 

 Perform sophisticated and innovative reporting with analytics in only 3-steps.

Reporting information with the insights needed to better your campaigns, marketing, profits and business.

Need to build or refresh your loyalty program?

Let's talk!

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