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$ Overspend

On average a consumer spends and additional $5 for every $100 worth of Gift Cards.

% Unused 

10%-15% of Gift cards are never used.  Unused Gift Card become 100% your company profits.

2+ Multi-Visits 

More than half of Gift Card holders require 2 or more visits to spend the entire Gift Card value.

100 -

75 -

50 -

25 -

0 -

% Unused

$ Overspend


Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Although cost effective on their own, Gift Card campaigns are free with our loyalty solution.


The gift card pick-up rate when compared to a

gift voucher/certificate.


No Merchant Service Fees (MSF) means 0% Transaction costs


Up to the amount of customers who over spend their gift card value.


Cost to load money onto the Gift Card, 

eGiftCard or eWallet.


Need multiple visits to spend the entire gift card.


Visit a new merchant because of a gift card they received.


100% your sale.

100% fee free.

100% perfect.



Purchase a Gift Cards at one location and redeem at another.

Multi-location redemption makes your Gift Card even more enticing as it increases consumer attractiveness and sales.

Your Gift Cards can also be purchased and redeemed online, expanding your business sales capabilities..

Complimentary Gift Card Program  

Because it is included with our loyalty platform,

we give you for Free what others charge for.

Our Complimentary Gift Card Program is a way for you to attract new customers and increase profits.  The program is super simple to set up and even easier for staff to use.

create gift card

campaign in 90 seconds

start selling your gift cards

make heaps

more sales

Gift Card