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Gift Cards.
The top of everybody's wish list.


No cost to load funds to Gift Cards, eGift Cards or into an eWallet ($0.00).


Whether redeemed or not, the value loaded onto Gift Cards remains yours.


Be paid to have new clients as 40% of people first visit a shop because of a Gift Card received.

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The value

• Studies show that consumers now expect merchants to offer Gift Cards.

• Simple online gift card buying and redemption. 

• Seamless in-store gift card loading and redemption.

• Staff save approx. 1 hour per day with an interfaced gift card solution as opposed to non-interfaced gift cards or vouchers options.

Let customers purchase gift cards in-store and also email gift cards directly from your online store.

• Sell online and redeem in-store (and vice-versa).

• Mobile sales and redemptions (markets, travel, etc). 

• Sell gift cards across; one, some or all locations.

• Redeem gift cards across; one, some or all locations.

• All gift card transactions are tracked in real-time which gives additional security and fraud protection. 

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We Love Gift Cards.

Traditional plastic cards provide wallet-sized advertisements, while online virtual and in-app options extend brand messaging to customers wherever they are.


zip, zero, nada, nothing - that is the amount charged to load funds to Gift Cards or eWallets.


of people first visit a business because of a Gift Card.  The store is paid to be given clients.  


of adults decide to purchase at least one Gift Card per holiday event.


is the increased pickup rate of Gift Card over Gift Certificates (11-1 pickup improvement). 


the amount of visits more than half of Gift Card holders require to spend the Gift Card value.


whether misplaced or forgotten, between 10%-15% of Gift Cards are never used.


of the Gift Card values that are never used become the profits of your company.


for security and fraud protection, our Gift Cards are tracked in realtime.

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