Retail Loyalty.

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Loyal programs are 10x more effective than traditional marketing and customers

love them.

Customers Love Loyalty

Look @ the numbers and it's an easy decision.

Loyalty is very good for your business.


Nearly 90% of people belong to multiple loyalty programs.

65% of your business starts with your existing customer base. 

Converting customers to Loyalty Members increases their spend by  up to 18% and more.

If you want ongoing double-digit profits, then enhance your customer experience with a loyalty offering.

Using the USA 'King of Coffee' as a retail loyalty example, Starbucks attribute 40% of all sales to their loyalty program.

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Know Your Customers and 

market with relevance.

Knowing the customer basket data (who purchased what, where, when and for how much) is marketing GOLD as you can promote to each member based on their purchase history.

Marketing 'with relevance' keeps the members engaged and coming back more often while spending more.

Myer Australia prospectus lists a +650% increase in sales when pro-actively using basket data to engage customers.


It's about a superior Customer Experience.

By streamlining your loyalty via a seamless POS interface you can improve the experience for both the employee and the consumer.

With member data 'automagically' captured and presented there is no delay friction, only happy consumer engagement.

Offering a single membership that works across multiple locations gives your loyalty program more relevance.

Businesses have flexibility to offer individual or coalition loyalty points across one, some or all locations.

Customer driven organisations  > 
 retain better.
✓ acquire more.
 engage deeper.
 grow faster.

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