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Brand Loyalty
Brands never knew who purchased their goods... until now!
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300+% Increase.

When achieving seamless interfacing, improved customer data insights and 300+% growth, you know that you are doing many things right.

Knowledge Advantage.

Knowing their customers purchases and behaviours allows brands to personalise their marketing efforts, product offerings, and customer experiences which enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.


is the speed that leading businesses with loyalty grow their revenue when compared to others in their industries.


the increase of member satisfaction with a loyalty program when companies do personalised marketing well.


of consumers want their loyalty program to use emerging technology like chatbots, AI, VR and smart devices.


is the POS-interfaced membership growth achieved by Harley-Davidson loyalty

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Know Everything.

Capture online and in-store transactions for a comprehensive 360-degree customer view.  

Leverage insights from every touchpoint to foster lasting brand loyalty and maximize lifetime value.

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Every transaction is captured from any amount of different POS brands to give all Loyalty and Sales data in one location.

Know how much and what each store sells.

.  Greet each member by name even if you have never met before.

Automatically add member points.  Surprise and delight members when you  seamlessly redeem rewards with 1 button touch.


View the 'last 10 transaction, scan in serial numbers and email receipts. 




Update hundreds of online stores with pricing specific to each store in just a few single keystrokes.

Pre-schedule promotional pricing with the start/stop dates so at the end the campaign all online store prices automatically revert back.


Entice customers with; normal  promo prices, member-only and online-only prices.


Give each store the ability to; Add, Edit and Delete items in their eCommerce store. 




Be with your customers everywhere.  Engaging Apps increases customer buying spend and frequency.

70% of customers prefer to place their order online.  Let them buy in-store, online or even via QR-code.​​


Effortless Reward Redemption.​​


Customers are more likely to collect and use their loyalty rewards if they have easy access to them - and what’s easier than putting them in the palm of their hand?

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Loyalty in your hands.​

Engage with your customers anywhere because LoyaltyPad is web-based and works on any Smart-Phone, Tablet, Computer or Web Browser.​

LoyaltyPad is a clean Point of Sale view that reflects the merchant control panel settings.​

Add a BarCode reader and LoyaltyPad will even more quickly and efficiently look up all of your loyalty and giftcard clients.​​




Our event ticketing solution means that tickets can be both Physical and Electronic.

Digital tickets and coupons are always securely on the customer phone.

Either way we can capture the time, date and location of the ticket sale and redemption.



Loyalty programs recognise your customers so they feel special.  This leads to more retention, referrals and profits.


Research shows that most companies that prioritise customer experience achieve up to 18% higher revenues and establish a significant lead over the competition.



Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

That is the Merchant Service Fee (MSF) for gift card transaction on our platform.

Whether a traditional Gift Card, a Tab Card, Charge Card or PrePaid Card - there are no fees charged and the use of the Gift Card style campaign is included for free.



More than productivity, transactional data can anticipate customer needs.

Customised dashboards and downloadable reports for Head Office, Stores and Suppliers.

Perform sophisticated and innovative reporting with analytics in only 3-steps.

Need to build or refresh your loyalty program?

Let's talk!

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