Brand Loyalty.

Changing the norm.

The ability for the Brand to connect to the end-consumer is the most powerful.

While consumers purchase heaps of different brands, the brands do not know who purchased their goods…until now.

…until now.

Brand Loyalty example:

Even though the phones are sold through a retail channel, the phone Brand creates a direct relationship with the consumer which increases loyalty to their brand.





You can do what they do too.

BRAND Loyalty has the innovative tools that assists retail brands in creating 'direct relationships'.

Basket Data is everything in the cart.

The Brand can know every item that the consumer purchased.

Even if it's a competing brand.

By including Reporting, Analytics and even the capability to write messaging on the POS receipt,

Brand Loyalty is a complete solution which benefits all parties.


Brand Loyalty consumer info

via the POS we seamlessly capture and and collect all purchased basket data and match it with customer information including:

name + email address + phone number.

Show time.

The one where: we give you a Brand Loyalty overview.

BRAND Loyalty 

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