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Free Gift Cards for All

Free Gift Card Services

IQ Gecko is offering their StickyFeet platform for FREE to run Gift Card services for companies who are affected by the new NSW Government regulation changes.

The upcoming NSW Government legislation will mandate a three-year expiry date on all Gift Cards sold. To assist, IQ Gecko is offering to facilitate merchant’s Gift Cards which are currently in the marketplace by offering the use of our StickyFeet platform for free.

Completely shaking up the industry, the proposed Gift Card legislation is big news and has been discussed on multiple media platforms including Radio 2GB with Ben Fordham.

Russell Zimmerman of the Australian Retailers Association is quoted as saying “Introducing a three-year minimum expiry limit for gift cards within New South Wales places an unnecessary regulatory burden and significant additional administrative costs on small, medium and large businesses”.

As a member of Australian Marketing Institute and Family Business Australia we are very community minded. That is why we are offering our Gift Card solution as a complimentary service to Australian businesses who have been affected by the NSW Government changes.

With IQ Gecko it is free to load a Gift Card and free to redeem a Gift Card as there are no Merchant Service Fees (MSF) or transaction fees with our StickyFeet platform. IQ Gecko makes no income on this campaign. We are simply doing our part to support Australian businesses.

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