Less than a cup of coffee a day.

For less than the cost of a coffee you get:

✓ StickyFeet loyalty platform   

✓ LoyaltyPad mobility

✓ Loyalty points solution 

✓ Gift Cards solution

✓ Campaigns (unlimited)

✓ Reporting (unlimited)


Are you a multi-location, buying or franchise group?

Ask us about our fantastic group pricing.

IQ Gecko works with every size business and can assist with all your loyalty, gift card and customer engagement needs.

We love what we do and would love to work with your business.

What $3.50 buys.

$3.50 coffee gets you a liquid caffeine fix in a cup.

$3.50 cab ride gets you to the end of the block.

$3.50 of loyalty gets you repeat customers who become super-fans.

We're modular

Want more than the base platform?  Have a look at our upgradable modular features.  Let's create the perfect solution for your business. 

less than a cup of coffee a day

monthly rate as little as $99 per location

* conditions apply

Looking for a discount?

You've come to the right place.

Talk to us about our special 'logo subsidy' 

card discount by simply having the IQ Gecko

logo on the back of your cards.  

Check our work.

See how we play well with others: and get ideas on how your business can grow.