Q-less preordering.

The technology you need for seamlessly smarter and contactless service via online and app ordering.

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Streamlined restaurant operations.

Run a slick operation and improve the customer experience with fast and convenient customer online orders.


Increase staff productivity by decreasing the amount of time they need to spend on the phone.

Stay relevant in the industry and keep up with the trends that gives your business more orders and profits.

Add a preordering service streamlines your workflow.

When customers order ahead of time and pick up with a frictionless experience - you all win.

Smart business growth recipe.


Let your customers skip the queue and pre-order by mobile app and Online.  Customer love the speed and efficiencies that come with no more waiting for food & coffee at their favourite local..  

As the customer is responsible for placing the order accuracy is  increased and waste decreased. There is no chance of being misheard so disputes are minimised and satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Customer loyalty and business profits are also improved as more convenience means more customers which more orders.

Q-less preordering also helps restaurants generate more traffic to their website.  By including a promotion engine to your integrated customer database you can easily start a multi-channel campaign manager to promote your offers.

70 percent of diners who order online would prefer to place their order with the restaurant directly as opposed to through a third-party menu service.  So, why not keep the revenue in-house and make your diners happy at the same time?  It’s a win-win for everybody. 

Prepaid orders.


With Q-less preordering your customers can make fast & secure, online cashless payments.

Orders can be emails and also printed via posIQ in real-time which makes receiving orders convenient for them and simpler for you!

With options of customers order ahead, pay online and pick up or staff deliver at a fraction of the cost delivery platforms - your customer touch-points and business turnover is improved while still keeping your profit margins.  

Dine-in meals and dine-out (catered) meal are all covered so you can serve up a seamless (and safe) ordering experience while improving your staff efficiencies.


Benefits of online food ordering

Today’s diners prefer using technology to access restaurant services.

Online ordering is favoured over picking up the phone, and it is essential to meet their needs if you want to remain competitive.

Establishments who lag behind the online ordering trend will be left behind in favour of restaurants who have stepped up.

In today’s crowded restaurant space, there is no margin for error.


If you want to succeed, you must meet the needs of your clientele. It’s as simple as that

As returning customers spend up to 67 percent more than one-timers, offering a customer loyalty program is always cost-effective.

Preordering Statistics.

One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month.

Australians spend up to 30% more when purchasing through their phone.

70% of clients prefer to place their online order directly with the restaurant.

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