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Casio gets loyal with IQ Gecko

Casio has turned to IQ Gecko to integrate a complete customer engagement solution into the Casio V-R range for their Android powered point of sale terminals.

Casio distributor Shriro Australia today announced the integration to the IQ Gecko platform called “StickyFeet”.

Casio merchants now have access to features including loyalty, gift card, reporting and basket data analytics. With other modules including custom mobile apps, digital signage and points redemption stores.

Nothing says “Thank-you” quite like, well, saying “Thank-you” and the IQ Gecko advanced loyalty integration does just that by emailing merchant clients “Automagically”.

Auto-emailing a thank-you greeting and points status after a purchase is very powerful because it reinforces the merchant’s relationship while making a feature of any product or event that the merchant may want to promote.

With Auto-emailing the merchant continues their client involvement past being “In-Shop” to also being “In-Home” which increases customer relationship and rapport.

The logic of integrating the global Casio point of sale product with IQ Gecko makes sense when you consider that the same StickyFeet platform is supported world-wide by IQ Gecko platform partners and loved by merchants in over 65 countries and in dozen of languages making the StickyFeet platform one of the worlds largest Loyalty Platforms.

“The Casio V-R range and Casio Cloud expands our point of sale offering from the traditional café style merchant base to a retailer of any size and any product. It just makes sense to include the expansive customer engagement platform from IQ Gecko.” says Michaela Ardern, sales and marketing manager for Shriro Australia.

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