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The Requirement

National retailer Simon Johnson turned to IQ Gecko to modify their loyalty program and interface with their Microsoft Dynamics POS. 

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The Solution

Overview:  Bringing our LoyaltyPad mobile solution in-store, IQ Gecko interfaced with the Simon Johnson POS (by Microsoft Dynamics).
IQ Gecko also ported over the current Simon Johnson loyalty members across to their new platform.  

Specifics:  Interfacing with Microsoft Dynamics POS at each Simon Johnson store, IQ Gecko gave each location an auto-log-on ‘pop-up’ screen to transact with the loyalty customer.
Points are automatically added to the customer based on their spend and rewards are easily redeemed by Simon Johnson staff with the press of a button. 

Workflow:  After collecting their card in-store, the loyalty member earns points by scanning their card before the sale is complete.

Simon Johnson head office can view their loyalty member transactions by; date, place, price and purchaser.
With this information Simon Johnson can now market “with relevance”. 

The Result

The solution has worked so well that Simon Johnson has expanded to also offer Gift Cards using the same IQ Gecko 'LoyaltyPad' solution.

Continuing the IQ Gecko value statement of ‘more for less’, the Gift Card feature is included within the loyalty program to Simon Johnson - and all IQ Gecko clients with no extra charge. 

Read about the 'Benefits of Gift Cards' here.

More info.

Read about LoyaltyPad and the freedom and flexibility that comes with mobile customer engagement everywhere.


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