Engaging Loyalty that Sticks.

When you’re thinking of creating a new exciting loyalty program, we’re the technology specialists you need to start, grow and win. 

The power of experiences.

Customer engagements are the collective experiences based on every interaction the consumer has with your company or brand..

These touch-points engagements are strongly influenced by the platforms and technologies that enable these interactions.

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Create customer experiences that are physical, digital, and most importantly, personal.

The IQ Gecko suite of solutions and services helps create world-class restaurant loyalty programs that build 1:1 relationships and rewards guests with personalised experiences and offers that drive lifetime value and increased sales.

Our services.

Purposefully designed to focus on the entire experience lifecycle by capturing and automating experiences at every interaction.

Choose your Campaigns.   


Build your Growth.  

Enjoy your Rewards.

Create a flexible program style that is just right for you. 


We've fully designed some industry specific campaigns. 

Future-Proofed Platform.

StickyFeet platform future-proofs you for more growth.


Choose from a wide range of flexible architecture modules with the knowledge there are solutions to grow with your company needs.

Powerful & Intuitive Software packed full with all the features you need and more.

An expert loyalty solution that turns customers into regulars.

We enhance acquisition, engagement & retention.

Featured modules:


Connecting and supercharging every POS by capturing absolutely every transaction including;

person, place, product, price & time.

Powering loyalty and collecting all in-store transactions in real-time.

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80% of consumers would be more likely to order online if rewarded.

Close your Digital and Physical worlds loops by rewarding customers at every touch-point with your very own branded Reward Store'.  Like the 'Qantas' store - only better.

How we do what we do.  Every individual module interfaces together to tackle your consumer needs and tough business challenges.


White Label Solution.

Our platform technology.  Your company branding. 

Your very own powerful and even fully automated Loyalty that takes care of your customers while you take care of business.

IQ Gecko helps you turn your customers into regulars, so all you have to do is practice saying ‘Welcome Back’.

Customer driven organisations  > 
retain better.
✓ acquire more.
 engage deeper.
 grow faster.

We help companies grow.

We help companies grow by focusing on capturing and automating the customised interactions that power and personalise customer experiences.

Why do we focus on experience?  Because experiences are a key component of a holistic solution that impacts your customers and your business.

And we know experiences drive businesses growth and faster revenue which increases customer lifetime value more.

Case studies.

Below are just a few case study success links further demonstrating the equation:

loyalty + customer experiences = company growth

IQ Gecko Gloria Jeans Loyalty
IQ Gecko Toys"R"Us ToysRUs Loyalty
IQ Gecko Suncoro Loyalty
IIQ Gecko Harley-Davidson Loyalty
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IQ Gecko Best Western Loyalty, ChargeCard, GiftCard
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What's your challenge?

At IQ Gecko, every idea and design is a challenge we love.

Our cross-functional teams of specialists collaboratively work to ask the tough questions and build expert solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

Want to know: more about how IQ Gecko has helped our clients solve these challenges and more?

About IQ Gecko.

Where we started.  When we started. 

And even some of the work we've done.