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Enhanced experiences for your customers
Multi-channel engagement portal for you and branded app for your customers.
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How you can enhance business with IQ Gecko

Digitised Data 

Customer interactions captured from every touch-point

Automated Marketing 


customer engagements 


Real-time Insights

Access and analyse data from Cloud, App and every POS

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IQ Gecko products

Customer-friendly products that boast customisability, and scalability, catering seamlessly to businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to the cumbersome manual processes and embrace streamlined success with real-time transaction capturing. Automate personalised customer engagements that encapsulate experiences collected from every interaction with your brand.

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How IQ Gecko works


Craft highly effective multi-channel customer  engagement strategies for maximum impact.


Experience the convenience of having all in-store, in-app and online customer interactions in one common data set.


Using the collected data, automatically send personalised interactions to boost customer engagement, increasing both spend and frequency.

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Know everything

Granular data insights increase sales & profits.

Know everything about each transaction;

Who | What | Where | When | Price | Points  

A complete range of consumer touch-points that include in-store (POS), in-app, cloud and communications.

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The power of experiences.

Customer engagements are the collective experiences based on every contact the consumer has with your brand..

Touch-point engagements are created and automated by our platform and our technologies enable these interactions.

IQ Gecko numbers


years in business.


million consumers.


global merchants.


million transactions.


About IQ Gecko.

Where we started.  When we started. 

And even some of the work we've done.


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