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The Requirement

As the leader in aftermarket suspension products, Fulcrum Suspensions wanted to update their exciting 'AIM' rewards solution and platform for their resellers.

The solution must give the resellers points based on their monthly purchases. Fulcrum did not want to incur costs for giving points, only for the goods that are purchased with points.

Additionally, the resellers must be able to redeem points for goods via an online store at RRP while Fulcrum only pays a discounted price for goods purchased. 

The Solution

Overview:  Fulcrum Suspension reseller monthly sales value is converted into points. Similar to the Qantas online store, the reseller logs in and purchases their selected goods with points. 

Specifics:  IQ Gecko leveraged the features within the ‘StickyFeet’ loyalty platform to give an easy upload of the monthly reseller sales.

The ‘Fulcrum’ branded online store was created to give a seamless transition from the Fulcrum website to the Fulcrum ‘Rewards Store’. 

Workflow:  Using the IQ Gecko ‘StickyFeet’ loyalty platform with a quick 3-click upload, Fulcrum Suspension uploads reseller purchase values which are auto-converted to points.

With a secure login and password, resellers use their points at the online store.

Fulcrum is only then charged for the selected items at a discounted price and the rewards are delivered to the reseller. 

The Result

While the resellers love the program, Fulcrum Suspensions easily manages points and enjoys complete transaction visibility by; date, product, points value and purchaser.

Because IQ Gecko does not charge for points given while supplying discounted prices for
goods purchased, the ‘Reward Store’ solution is considered either cost neutral or a profit centre.

Learn more about the IQ Gecko ‘Reward Store’ by clicking HERE or on The Reward Store logo.

Reward Store Logo.png
Fulcrm Reward Store.jpg
2016 AIM LOGO.png
Fulcrum Reward Store.png

With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019, you know that consumers want to buy and be rewarded online.


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