The Requirement

Kogarah Golf Course were running a gift card solution via a UK company on their Casio VR POS.


When continual time-zone and support issues  became too much, they turned towards

IQ Gecko for assistance.

Kogarah Golf Club wished to run multiple gift card campaigns on a single member card.

To add even more complexity, the club wanted to have an auto-select of which of the multiple gift card values were able to be viewed and transacted with - based on the members location within the club grounds.

The Solution

Overview:  Creating this solution required a custom interface within the Casio VR POS that seamlessly allowed clerks in various areas of the club to engage with the members.  

Specifics:  As the Casio VR POS uses the Android operating system, IQ Gecko designed a cloud connected App for the POS. The App allowed a seamlessly POS interface with a simple clerk workflow while capturing every transaction.

Using ‘permissions’ within the IQ Gecko platform meant that each Casio POS could be restricted to only the specific gift card campaign and values the club wanted to be viewed at each club ground location.

The inclusion of our mobile LoyaltyPad solution means that Kogarah Golf Club is now also able to sell food and beverages on the course during corporate and other events. 

Workflow:  Kogarah Golf Club management loads funds into the multiple gift card campaigns using our 3-step upload.


The club members then use their card funds for product payments.
Every transaction is captured by; date, product, place, price and purchaser.


With this information, the Kogarah Golf Club can market to members “with relevance”. 

The Result

As told by the Kogarah Golf Club GM:
"Just a bit of feedback on the IQ Gecko platform after editing a few balances and category changes, etc - I LOVE IT!

For more information on features benefits and how it works, watch the Casio POS solution overview video.

Click here to read/download your IQ Gecko SaleGrabber with Casio POS User Guide. 

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