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The Requirement

As a multinational company, the world’s greatest toy store wished to be able to proactively market to their customers based on their purchase histories.

The 2016 Toys'R'Us VIP Club was positively rated: 
3 ninja stars out of 5.

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The Solution

Overview:  Creating a loyalty App and customer registration web portal while connecting to the Toys’R’Us servers to update all member purchases.  

Specifics:  Toys’R’Us were using a local IBM AS400 servers that connected to IBM point of sale (POS) devices which had no cloud connectivity.

Via daily automation IQ Gecko took the captured loyalty + sales data and managed all member product allocations and points in a custom-designed cloud solution.

Our customisable platform and customer registration page allowed the marketing team to use a simple, adaptable, intuitive platform designed to turbocharge their Toys’R’Us customer engagements and relationships. 

Workflow:  After collecting their card in-store and registering online, the member earns points by swiping their cards on the IBM POS mag-stripe readers before the sale is complete.

Toys’R’Us head office can view all loyalty member transactions by; date, product, place, price and purchaser.

Product sales information was also used to view gauge and trends for marketing forecasts. 

The Result

Toys’R’Us Australia achieved immense success.

Powered by IQ Gecko, the Toys'R'Us VIP Club was so successful that it grew from zero to over half a million members in just two years. 

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500,000+ members 

in 2 years.

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The power of experiences.

Customer engagements are the collective experiences based on every interaction the consumer has with your company or brand..

These touch-points engagements are strongly influenced by the platforms and technologies that enable these interactions.

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