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The Requirement

Australian cuisine restaurant group 'Rashays' wanted to modernise their current loyalty program, stop using plastic cards, and digitise membership cards onto any mobile device.

The digital registration needed to be pushed to multiple cloud servers in real-time.

Also required was to interface with the Rashays POS system at the front counter and capture all member transactions.

Offer an automated email and SMS platform for general promotions and automated (AI) marketing journeys based on a combination of member purchases, history, interests and events.  

The Solution

Overview:  Installed posIQ to interface with one POS in each location to successfully receive data in real-time.  We expanded our data collection as we interfaced with the back-end servers for a daily transaction data collection directly from the database.
The IQ Gecko team created the RashaysRewards membership portal so that customers can easily display their Rashays membership on their phone.

Rashays marketing use IQ Genius for their EDM design and marketing automation.   

Specifics:  Using the flexible IQ Genius automation, marketing campaigns and journeys are based on Rashays business rules such as; date, place, price,
 interests and even goods purchased (ie. steak, etc)

As well as name, email and phone number, the membership portal also captures member preferences (NRL, AFL, Dining out, etc) and also gave an option to add their Rashays membership to their 'StoCard' wallet.

Workflow:  After registering online the loyalty member scans their card @ the POS to earn discounts on their meals. 

The Rashays business rules built into IQ Genius means that members are presented with 'relevant' email and SMS marketing which brings them back more often and increases their average dining spend (when compared to non-loyalty members).

The Result

Rashays has realised a 25% increase of active memberships. 

As well as spending up to 18% more than non-members, the Rashays active members dine @ Rashays more often. 

This gives Rashays an increase in customer 'share of wallet' spend.

Watch the video as posIQ seamlessly captures every item sold via the Rashays POS.


Web-based and App-based options are available to capture member data while including all your design + features + campaign styles.
Merchant branding

Login with Email ability

Forgot P/W security
Name, Number & Join Date

Membership Barcode

Add to StoCard app feature
StoCard logo2.png
Style: Points Campaign

Purchases displayed

Style: Purchased Amount
More than just contact details, a member portal done right entices customers to return more often.

More info.

Automagically - send very personalised messages to the exact right people @ the perfect time!   Personalised dynamic offers are adaptively triggered specifically targeting customers' behaviour.

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