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The Requirement

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Rebel Liquor Group is a Queensland-based buying group that offers one of Australia's best liquor rebate (aka: profits) to its banner brands; Cheers and Liquor Warehouse.

To create even more value for their banner brands, Rebel Liquor Group wanted to collect customer data with a quality Customer Loyalty + Marketing Automation platform while also including an eCommerce sites for each location.

Always loving a challenge, the IQ Gecko team super-charged the solution and added more features than requested which ensured seamless ease of use for the customers and Rebel Liquor Group merchant members.

The Solution

Overview:  Created a 'Rebel Mates' app for the consumer with auto-log-in capabilities for their favourite Rebel Liquor Group location.
Created a master HQ eCommerce site plus a site for each location including a Hand-held POS Terminal which prints all orders and auto-updates customers on their order status. 

aced with every POS with posIQ to capture every transaction while awarding member points and offering 1-touch reward redemption

Created a one-step upload for the Rebel Liquor Group head office to update weekly specials across all eCommerce sites.

Specifics:  Capturing every sale made online and in-store and giving the Rebel Liquor Group head office all transaction data in one common dataset.
Implement multiple automated
 'marketing with relevance' campaigns based on member-specific purchasing preferences.   

Workflow:  Member downloads the Rebel Mates app to earn and redeem points for goods online and in-store.

The merchant location looks up the member who is automatically given points for each purchase.
With this information Rebel Mates can personally market to the member based on; what, where, when and how much they purchase. 

The Result

Thousands of happy 'Rebel Mates' loyalty members earning points + redeeming for rewards.

Loyalty members purchasing higher-value items while enjoying the weekly and 'member-only' weekly specials 

Seamless eCommerce sites giving every location additional revenues that used to go competitors. 
Rebel Liquor Group merchants enjoy an increase of almost 20% in loyalty member revenue.

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Seamless sales with instant notification.

An eCommerce solution gives your business lifestyle flexibility, freedom and independence.

Since 63% of consumers start their shopping journey online, it makes sense to allow them to buy where they already are.

More info.

Engage your customers with a fully integrated digital loyalty program that delivers personalised offers and rewards – at the POS register, on the app and in the cloud.

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