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The Requirement

With 143 locations across Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji), the Best Western Hotels ‘charge card’ solution was running on dedicated EFTPOS credit card terminals through an ageing payment switch which was being made redundant.

Because of the imminent redundancy of the old solution, Best Western Hotels Australia requested a new EFTPOS terminal solution be developed for them. 

The Solution

Overview:  Always one to improve on the status quo, IQ Gecko proposed, and was requested to create, a touch screen charge card solution based on the Android platform. 

Specifics:  The touch-screen tablet solution displayed the members name and company along with their preferred loyalty campaign (Best Western, Qantas or FlyBuys). The clerk can segment the sale costs to categories including; Room, Room Service, Restaurant, etc.

The customer reviews the transaction and signs on the screen. The IQ Gecko tablet prints the receipt to the blue-tooth connected printer while also emailing it to the customer and their specified company account administration in real-time.

When in idle mode the tablet becomes a customer facing digital signage marketing tool with Best Western Hotels able to remotely ‘drag and drop’ relevant images and videos specific to each hotel location. 

Workflow:  The corporate card is swiped through the mag-stripe reader attached to the tablet and the step-by-step workflow includes the customer signature, points, receipt and email.

All transactional data is captured in real-time via IQ Gecko servers. Transactions are uploaded to the Best Western account servers on a nightly basis. 


The Result

Saving in excess of $150+ thousand every year. 

It is estimated that this solution equates to less than 0.04% merchant service fee which is less than one-quarter of the cost of the 1.5+% MSF EFTPOS solution that we replaced.
All while also including a digital signage solution complete with fast 'drag and drop' technology.

To learn more about easy digital signage solution, watch the 2-minute IQ Gecko digital signage video


Cloud-based disruptive digital is only a click away.

Improve awareness while engaging with information, communication, interactive entertainment and immediate marketing. 

Tap into the potential of digital signage and energise your customers today.

More info.

Read about I.T. development projects and interconnecting technologies to create the a better than expected solution.

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