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The Requirement

To add value to their merchant offering, Suncorp Bank wanted to add loyalty and gift card features to their EFTPOS solution suite. 

✓ IQ Gecko and Suncorp Bank user guide HERE.

✓ IQ Gecko and Suncorp Bank information brochure HERE.

The Solution

Overview:  To add value to their merchant offering, Suncorp Bank wanted to add loyalty and gift card features to their EFTPOS solution suite. 

Specifics:  Interface the Suncorp Bank EFTPOS terminal to the IQ Gecko ‘StickyFeet’ loyalty cloud with secure single-swipe manager & clerk log on.

Include an automated loyalty point for dollar ratio, gift card with 0% MSF while printing the retailer logo, point status and gift card value on the receipt. 

Using the EFTPOS terminal coding language (C++) we interfaced 'StickyFeet' to create a secure loyalty cloud connection while ensuring permission restrictions.

Add loyalty campaigns + logo graphics and text for receipts. Include access to the StickyFeet loyalty cloud for merchant loyalty mobility access via any web enabled device.

Workflow:  The merchant securely logs on with the swipe of a card. After collecting their card in-store, the loyalty member earns points by swiping their card on the EFTPOS terminal.

The loyalty member name and points are displayed on screen while the transaction receipt is printed - complete with updated points & merchant logo. 

The Result

With a simple logon Suncorp merchants have a loyalty solution which increases their customer spend amount and frequency by up to 18%.

Studies show that consumers now expect merchants to offer Gift Cards.


As gift cards have an 11-1 pickup rate when  compared to a paper gift vouchers, Suncorp merchants can now effectively tap into this market.

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