Your Campaigns.

You have the control to create specialised strategies and pro-active marketing campaigns.

Adding your individual company flair allows you to excite and delight customers in your own unique way.

To give you some extra ideas, we've designed some industry specific examples too. 

Points for Dollars. (Most Popular)

Engage customers with the ability to grow their points earnings.


Awarding points for money spent allows for versatility as you can award any point-to dollar ratio you like. You can configure custom reward levels to be reached and assign specific permissions for staff members which gives you complete control over the program.

As opposed to just rewarding Coffee purchases, by expanding to include Points for every item, Gloria Jean's Coffees grew their registered members to over 250,000 in just three years.  Read the Case Study HERE.

Make it a Double.

Double Up and continue to excite and delight your members.

Double Points.png

No matter what type of business you have, Double Points are great for moving older items and introduce new ones.

You can also be guaranteed that your customers will love Double Points.  With a simple 3-Step Points Ratio adjustment, in just seconds you can make it a Double Loyalty Points Day at One, Some, or All locations.

Incorporate posIQ to automatically offer Double Points for select items on special dates and times to create your own automagical Happy Hour.  

Funds. (Currency)

Any amount.  Every currency.  All the time.


Funds are fiscal amounts in your preferred currency. 

The Funds campaigns are traditionally used with such as; GiftCard / eGift Card, Voucher / eVoucher, Tab Card and Charge Card solutions.

All Funds are held within the StickyFeet platform in a real-time 'closed-loop' environment.  There are 0% MSF (Merchant Service Fees) or transaction fees charged.  This has given a saving of more than $150K per year for one of our clients.  Read the Case Study HERE.

When in conjunction with posIQ, Funds can be used in 'open-loop' crypto currency environments where in real-time posIQ will convert crypto amounts into the local currency for seamless processing in-store with any POS. 

Frequency Purchases. (Buy X and Get 1 Free)

A Product and Location campaign to retain customers and build business.


Ditch those paper punch cards to launch an official loyalty program for a fraction of what large businesses pay.

This secure and trackable system lets you reward customers based on their purchase quantities such as “Buy 5 and get the 6th Free”.  

Track which specific item was the most popular “free” item of your loyalty members.  You can even use this program with or without cards.

Loyalty + Gift Card. (Coalition)

A single card that can be used across all participating locations.


A coalition program is a loyalty points and/or gift card program where customers can earn and redeem at each participating merchant across multiple businesses.  Connecting multiple merchants to a shared program.

When they’ve accumulated enough loyalty points for a reward, they can redeem their points for select reward items at any participating merchant. 

The points program can be integrated and accessed over many different mediums including @ the POS (via posIQ and SaleGrabber), On-Line Stores (like The Reward Store), Mobile Devices (LoyaltyPad, Apps), etc.

Ideal for shopping centres, multi-location, franchise and buying groups.

Two-Tier Loyalty. (Share the Love)

A school and charity fundraising favourite.


Two-Tier loyalty system allows multiple merchants to be connected to a shared loyalty program while providing a high level of independence for each participating merchant.

In School and Charity campaigns, each time customers earn points at a merchant, they not only earn points that can be spent back exclusively at that merchant, but they will have also earned a percentage of points toward a shared fundraising campaign.

Each participating merchant on the Two-Tier loyalty solution can have its own point per dollar ratio, special promotions, and set of rewards. System administrators can obtain reports to see how many points each merchant has awarded and redeemed at any time.

Two Tier is very popular in shopping centre environments where the second tier may be used at the mall kiosk/office where customers could redeem their points for specific shopping centre related items such as Gift Cards.


Turning your loyalty members into Aspirational Shoppers.


Tiered reward programs offer different rewards depending on which tier a customer is in.

Upgrade from the old Bronze, Silver and Gold with your own multi-tier campaign with unique differentiators that better reflect your company.

Even though tiered programs are not new, they’re still one of the best ways to differentiate your brand community. By adding tiers to your existing rewards program, you have more opportunities to customise your community to your customers’ needs, adding a number of great benefits to your already stellar customer experience.

In order to progress to the next level, customers must pass a pre-determined milestone. This milestone could be anything from how many dollars they’ve spent in a year or how many purchases they’ve made over their lifetime.

Not Certain What You Need?

Have a look  at some industry ones we prepared earlier.

Totally modifiable for your specific requirements of course.

Brand Loyalty.

Own the relationship with your consumer.


Looking to improve  Brand Loyalty  amongst your user base?

Our solution allows you to either work with or bypass the retailers.  Your brand can now  engage directly with your end customers.

Give Points and Rewards while using data-driven customer engagement and brand activation campaigns.

Boost even more engagement and advocacy via an on-line store while further promoting the brand.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can cater to their needs, and we’re here to help you do that.  We can tell you;

• Who they are.

• Time of purchase. 

• Place of purchase. 

• The amount spent (per item and total).

• Basket Data: everything purchased (including your competitor's items).

Brand Loyalty build Includes:


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency

• Coalition

Pharmacy Loyalty.

The best Customer Engagement prescription for pharmacies of every size.

Pharmacy Loyalty.

The best Customer Engagement prescription for pharmacies of every size.

With a seamless Point of Sale interface we collect all the relevant individual consumer data for targeted messages and also collect consumer data for your trend analysis.

We capture the sale value and date + automatically keep prescription details private by renaming them as just 'Prescriptions' and, importantly for Australia, do not apply points.

Adding even more features to Pharmacy Loyalty, the POS interfaced Loyalty, Vouchers, eVouchers, Gift Card and eGift Cards solutions are included.  The POS supercharging continues with Gratitude Emails, Emailed Receipts and even the  Auto-Printing of on-line ‘Click and Collect’ orders for quick and easy picking. 

Superior marketing automation gives the smallest pharmacy capabilities that even the 'big boys' don't have such as Automated ‘Refill' Emails (ie: 52-Days from purchase of ‘1-A-Day Vitamin 60 Pack’).   

Pharmacy Loyalty build Includes:


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency

• Coalition

B2B + Employee Loyalty. (Wholesale rewards)

Rewarding your customers makes good economic sense.


Rewarding Customers makes good economic business sense. 

Whatever the preferred reward, with IQ Gecko your B2B and Employee Reward Program means that you do not pay the “retail” amount for the rewards you give.  ​

Imagine if you could liquidate the Reward Points given for only a fraction of the RRP (Recommended Retail Cost).   Now you can because wholesale rewards and value for money is what IQ Gecko is all about.

Just some differentiating features include:

• No cost for Points given. Only charged when Points are redeemed for goods @ discounted prices.
• 3rd-party products supplied at a discounted rate (ie: RRP $219 American Tourister Luggage costs only $150 including gst and delivery).

• Add your own Products (perfect for newly launched or discounted products).

• Ability to offer ‘Points + Pay’ or just ‘Pay’ where you earn the on-line sales revenue.
• Ability to use The Reward Store communication engine to connect with members.


• Points for Dollars



Multi-Location Loyalty.

Franchisors  |  Buying Groups  |  Hotels  |  Business Affiliates.


Using posIQ we connect to very POS - no matter the brand.  In one common data-set you will know every product sold everywhere.  Including who bought it, who sold it along with what was purchased, where, when and how much it was sold for.

This real-time information is linked to IQ Genius for automatic marketing based on the unique business rules of every one of your campaigns. With customer buying history and trends you can auto-target relevant messaging to the right person at the right time. 

Taking multitasking to the next level, IQ Genius will automatically:

1. send a 'welcome' to new customers.

2. alert others of specials based on their purchase history.

3. send unique reminders to the ones who have not been back in a while. 

Now that is an example of just a few campaigns.  With these automatic features you can  run 10, 20, 50 or even 100 campaigns at the same time. 

Knowing the daily/monthly sales at every location makes life very easy for Franchisor billing while the in-depth knowledge of every product sold (and for how much) assists Buying Groups with vendor discussions. 

Multi-Location Loyalty

build Includes:


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency

• Coalition

Shopping Mall.

Physical and Digital synergy.


Imagine if you could choose to physically go to the mall or electronically store at the same mall online.  The exact same mall now online.  Buying online from your favourite store or sending a family member an eGiftCard to shop there. 

All the same capabilities that the massive retailers have are available to every mall retailer.  Even the one-off boutique shops.  Just some of the store features include:

1. ​ Loyalty - know what your customers buys.  Emailed Receipts, Gratitude Emails, Happy Birthday messages and promote new products based on the customer purchases & more.

2. ​ Gift Card & eGift Cards - online and in-store + both mall and store branded.

3.  Click&Collect - paid online purchases automatically printed in-store.  

For the Mall Management, the value grows exponentially and includes:

1.  Granular knowledge of every sale including each member that purchased an item, the store who sold it along with what was purchased, where, when and how much it cost. 

2.  Entice your customer data-base back more often with specials, promotions, events, etc. 

3.  Every store transaction is captured in real-time and available in one common data-set which makes the dreaded monthly turn-over reports a thing of the past. 

4.  By being the source of both the Physical and On-Line Stores plus Loyalty, GiftCard, eGiftCard and Customer Engagement - Mall Management will have less store turn-over along with a superior rent negotiating position.

Mall Loyalty

build Includes:



Customer Portal


• The Reward Store


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency

• Coalition

Love Locals.

Communities supporting communities.


Droughts ,fires, floods, declining retail sales and now Covid-19 causing a complete stop for business.  The entire country needs assistance and we all want to help. Now you can.

Because there are no hardware requirements, the cloud-based ‘Love Locals’ loyalty and gift card features are available to all stores on any web-enabled device (POS, Tablet, Phone). 

Community members only need to sign up a single time and they can shop, earn & redeem Points as well as purchase and spend community branded Gift Cards. 

Cloud technology means real-time transactions anywhere.  The local markets and even the plumber can be involved in this community solution.

By supporting their local marketplace, rewarding consumers helps revive their entire community which rewards everyone

Love Locals 


build Includes:


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency

Mobile Services.

Electrical   |   Plumbing   |   Handyman   |   Painting   |   IT   |   Health.

Home Services.png

Home service franchisors love that our Loyalty, Gift Card and/or Payment App is a simple and effective way to mobilise your company and engage with your customers anywhere.

Mobile business can enjoy the additional revenue that comes by offering Loyalty and Gift Cards.  ​With the included bonus of our LoyaltyPad web solution we offer portable flexibility. 

So no matter which location, you can look up and transact with every customer in real-time as every transaction is captured in real-time on any web enabled device (Tablet, Phone, etc).

Presell Gift Cards and eGift Cards on line, over the phone or in person.  Use this same technology to track all of your corporate account transactions including who did the work, where, when, how long and how much.   

Mobile Services

build Includes:


• Points for Dollars

• Funds Currency