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 20 year  business birthday is a great time to celebrate our global StickyFeet platform milestones & have some fun too.







Pat @ Paycraft
Ray @ MCJ
Dom @ Rashays
Danielle @ DRC
Darren @ NCS
Framed H-D
George @ Uniwell
Olivia @ IQ Gecko
Loyalty & Reward Co
Zac @ AdTorque
Ruth @ Simon Johnson
Framed TRU
Ramesh @ posIQ
Sejr @ Uniwell
Tony @ Kogarah Golf Club
Mugged Fireball
Framed Gecko

Getting 'mugged' after 20 Years of working with great people.

Read and Watch the below Testimonials from just some of the great companies we work with.

Avatar 89

"What a nice touch to get a personalised email from someone. I am constantly looking for new and innovative solutions and this fits that bill perfectly."

 The Pharmacist

“Just a bit of feedback on the IQ Gecko platform after editing a few balances and category  changes, etc - I LOVE IT!"

 The Golf Club


"An outstanding user-friendly application that's enabled us to effortlessly grow and expand our client's loyalty programs beyond our wildest expectations - we can create a user base of over 1/2 million in just a few years."

 The Marketing Agency

Avatar 90

"Thanks for your assistance with permissions - it is working a treat.  And the Loyalty & Gift Card integration is excellent."

 The POS Reseller

woman mc.png

“The success of the IQ Gecko platform means our programme automatically captures all the wanted transactional data for the Dealership to promote at the Point of Sale."

 The Harley-Davidson Dealer

IQ Gecko White .png

Engaging Loyalty that Sticks.

Check our work.

See how we play well with others: and get ideas on how your business can grow.


More Success Stories

GJC coffee.jpg

Loyalty interfaced across Multi-POS technologies.

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