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Loyalty Q&A
with Shelley Sproule.
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Award winning formula.

Crowned the ‘Best Harley-Davidson dealer in Australasia’ multiple times, in this Q&A with dealer principal Shelley Sproule we get a unique insight into how their loyalty programme has assisted Harley-Davidson Road and Sport in achieving award-winning international success.

how many customers are members?

90-95% of our customers are in our Loyalty Programme.  When they are offered the programme they very rarely turn it down.

are staff engaged with your loyalty programme?

Our loyalty programme has become part of the culture.  To get the most out of any loyalty programme there has to be a staff focus.

how do staff get clients to join your R&S loyalty?

It's important that companies have a process in place. We ran an awareness competition for 6 months. The data told us who was using the process.  

how did you acheive this huge member uptake? 

It's important that the Loyalty workflow be simple and fast.  IQ Gecko automatically captures and uploads the required information.

can members earn points across all departments?

Members can earn rewards in our Dealership, Parts, Service, GM & Insurance. Rewards can be redeemed across all Parts, Service & GM departments.

how do you maintain your loyalty success?

We ensure that our program is a worthy and easy.  Loyalty is promoted at all consumer touch-points & not a “maybe do it” in our Dealership.

do your members spend 12%-18% more than non-loyalty customers?

Our Loyalty members spend would be much higher than 12-18% and member quantity makes our figures way higher.

how does IQ Gecko powered loyalty help Road&Sport? 

The IQ Gecko platform  captures transactional data from all Point of Sales. This is used to personalise EDMs and increase both spend & visits. 

Case studies.

Read about how IQ Gecko assisted Harley-Davidson Australasia to achieve their 300+% membership increase.

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