Loyalty Q&A

with Shelley Sproule.

Harley-Davidson uses Loyalty to build a brand and business.

Road and Sport Harley-Davidson in Hamilton NZ surpassed all others dealers across Australasia to be crowned the ‘Best Harley-Davidson dealer in Australasia’.

In a Q&A with dealer principal Shelley Sproule, we get a unique insight into how their loyalty programme has assisted Road and Sport in achieving award-winning international success.



Of your thousands of customers, how many customers are loyalty members?

I would suggest 90-95% of our customers are in our Loyalty Programme. 

When they are offered the programme they very rarely turn it down.  



Are the staff engaged with your loyalty programme?

Our loyalty programme have become part of the culture.  

To get the most out of any loyalty programme there has to be a staff focus.



How do your staff engage customers to join your loyalty programme?

It is important that the company have a process in place.  

I ran a competition in each department for a period of 6 months, mainly to increase the awareness around capturing the customers and all their purchases.

It worked very well and also gave me the data to know who was not following our process to enable me to put more training in.



Why do you think you achieved such a huge member uptake?

I think it is important that the Loyalty programme be simple, quick and easy for the customer to complete.

IQ Gecko offers us seamless ease-of-use while also automatically capturing all our required information and uploading it into the system.  



Can your members earn points across all business departments?

Members can earn rewards in our Dealership, Parts, Service, GM & Insurance. Rewards can be redeemed across all Parts, Service & GM departments. 



How do you continue to maintain your ongoing loyalty success?

We ensure that our program is a worthy and easy loyalty programme for the customer to partake in.

Loyalty is continually promoted.  It is not a “maybe do it” in our Dealership.  

Although we promote the programme at all consumer touch-points, it is at the Point of Sale checkout area where it really has to be marketed.

The unique strength of the IQ Gecko platform is its ability to automatically capture all transactional data from any Point of Sale.

The transactional data is easily used for personalised marketing which significantly increases both the customer shopping frequency and the average sale amount.


Statistics in other industries show that loyalty members spend between 12%-18% more than non-loyalty members.  Do you feel that this is the same for Road and Sport Harley-Davidson?


I can’t put an exact  figure on this but I would suggest our Loyalty member spend would be much higher than 12-18%.  

We have a high number of customer uptake in the programme which makes our figures way higher.

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