Program Styles.

To reflect your specific requirements all program styles are flexible.

Mix and match programs with 9+ different program styles.

H-D loyalty.png

Start a personal relationship.

A customised reward program ensures the delivery of the perfect message over the correct channel at the right time..


Know customers by name and pro-actively engage directly with them while transacting through a range of channels.

Control the narrative with 1:1 communications with your customer automated multi-channel campaigns based on your business rules. 

Stay ahead of your competitors with omni-channel connections that offer customer touch-points at every interaction.

Adding your individual company flair allows you to excite and delight customers in your own unique way.

Points for Dollars. (most popular)

Engage customers with the ability to grow their points earnings.


Awarding points for money spent allows for versatility as you can award any point-to dollar ratio you like. You can configure custom reward levels to be reached and assign specific permissions for staff members which gives you complete control over the program.

As opposed to just rewarding Coffee purchases, by expanding to include Points for every item, IQ Gecko assisted Gloria Jean's Coffees to grow their members to over 250,000 in just three years.  Read the Case Study HERE.

Make it a Double.

Double Up and continue to excite and delight your members.

Double Points.png

No matter what type of business you have, Double Points are great for moving older items and introduce new ones.

You can also be guaranteed that your customers will love Double Points.  With a simple 3-Step Points Ratio adjustment, in just seconds you can make it a Double Loyalty Points Day at One, Some, or All locations.

Incorporate posIQ to automatically offer Double Points for select items on special dates and times to create your own automagical Happy Hour.  

Buy X and Get 1 Free. (frequency purchases)

A Product and Location campaign to retain customers and build business.


Ditch those paper punch cards to launch an official loyalty program for a fraction of what large businesses pay.

This secure and trackable system lets you reward customers based on their purchase quantities such as “Buy 5 and get the 6th Free”.  

Track which specific item was the most popular “free” item of your loyalty members.  You can even use this program with or without cards.


Automated member rewards based on your business rules. 


Offer a free popcorn when the member gains 500 points.  Or a complimentary movie when they reach 1,000 points.  Like your imagination, there is no limit.

Any reward you want to offer can be alerted to your members and also displayed to your staff for an easy 1-press redemption.  

All rewards are tracked in the platform and can include product barcode SKU/PLU numbers for easy reference.  When used in conjunction with posIQ your reward barcode SKU/PLU is auto-sent to your POS.

Vouchers. (paper and electronic)

Capture attention.  Improve traffic.  Increase profits.  


Based on your marketing campaigns, secure vouchers can be for discounts (10% off the dinner bill), a specific value ($10 off) or even a products (free coffee, etc). 

Your vouchers can be the traditional 'Print+Clip' style, or they can be applied directly to the members account as an eVoucher.  Trackable eVouchers cannot be copied or shared which ensures that only your selected members can redeem them.  You also know exactly which members redeemed. 

Both paper vouchers and eVouchers can include your barcode SKU/PLU number for simple POS scanning.  When used in conjunction with posIQ an eVoucher barcode SKU/PLU is auto-sent to your POS.

Coalition. (loyalty and/or gift cards @ all locations)

A single card that can be used across all participating locations.


A coalition program is a loyalty points and/or gift card program where customers can earn and redeem at each participating merchant across multiple businesses.  Connecting multiple merchants to a shared program.

When they’ve accumulated enough loyalty points for a reward, they can redeem their points for select reward items at any participating merchant. 

The points program can be integrated and accessed over many different mediums including @ the POS (via posIQ and SaleGrabber), On-Line Stores (like The Reward Store), Mobile Devices (LoyaltyPad, Apps), etc.

Ideal for shopping centres, multi-location, franchise and buying groups.

Two-Tier Loyalty. (share the love)

A school and charity fundraising favourite.


Two-Tier loyalty system allows multiple merchants to be connected to a shared loyalty program while providing a high level of independence for each participating merchant.

In School and Charity campaigns, each time customers earn points at a merchant, they not only earn points that can be spent back exclusively at that merchant, but they will have also earned a percentage of points toward a shared fundraising campaign.

Each participating merchant on the Two-Tier loyalty solution can have its own point per dollar ratio, special promotions, and set of rewards. System administrators can obtain reports to see how many points each merchant has awarded and redeemed at any time.

Two Tier is very popular in shopping centre environments where the second tier may be used at the mall kiosk/office where customers could redeem their points for specific shopping centre related items such as Gift Cards.


Turning your loyalty members into Aspirational Shoppers.


Tiered reward programs offer different rewards depending on which tier a customer is in.

Upgrade from the old Bronze, Silver and Gold with your own multi-tier campaign with unique differentiators that better reflect your company.

Even though tiered programs are not new, they’re still one of the best ways to differentiate your brand community. By adding tiers to your existing rewards program, you have more opportunities to customise your community to your customers’ needs, adding a number of great benefits to your already stellar customer experience.

In order to progress to the next level, customers must pass a pre-determined milestone. This milestone could be anything from how many dollars they’ve spent in a year or how many purchases they’ve made over their lifetime.

Funds.  currency   |   credit   |   charge 

Any amount.  Every currency.  All the time.


Funds are fiscal amounts in your preferred currency. 

The Funds campaigns are traditionally used with such as; GiftCard / eGift Card, Voucher / eVoucher, Tab Card and Charge Card solutions.

All Funds are held within the StickyFeet platform in a real-time 'closed-loop' environment.  There are 0% MSF (Merchant Service Fees) or transaction fees charged.  This has given a saving of more than $150K per year for one of our clients.  Read the Case Study HERE.

When in conjunction with posIQ, Funds can be used in 'open-loop' crypto currency environments where in real-time posIQ will convert crypto amounts into the local currency for seamless processing in-store with any POS.