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eCommerce + Loyalty
+ Multi-Pricing + Registration + Affiliate + more...
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IQ Gecko: Quotation# 106

Included in this Greenlife Turf proposal:

1• Multi-channel eCommerce.

2• Self management.

2• App-like web registration.

3• App-like web loyalty.

4• Affiliate program.

5• Automation marketing.

6• Pricing.

Since 63% of consumers start their shopping journey online, it makes sense to allow them to buy where they already are.

With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019 you need a better online store.

The engagement edge.

One 'multi-channel' online store. Allow B2B to see wholesale prices while B2C consumers view RRP.

Automated receipt emailed to the customer while orders and payments are sent to your business.

Integrated loyalty and promo-codes to excite customers which increases sales and frequency.

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Quickly and easily add products, prices & SKUs.

Increase customer interest with the addition of videos on product listing pages.

Adjust text, fonts, colours and more with the easy to use IQ Gecko Flaxx platform.

App-like web registration.

Your customer registration portal makes a fantastic impression and reflects your company quality style.

Complete with two-factor verification, when viewed on a mobile device, the web portal has an app-like look and feel.


App-like web loyalty.

A plastic-free customer portal sets you well above the crowd.

Displaying the member name along with the membership number and barcode.

Purchase history allows customers to view their previous online orders.


Affiliate program.

Greenlife Turf designs their Affiliate deal.

An Affiliate deal is where the consumer gets a discount ($ off, % off, etc) and upon success, the Affiliate code giver also receives a reward ($ off or % off, etc).

The Affiliate code is use in the promo code section of the Greenlife Turf online checkout.

Automated marketing.

Increase revenue per customer with individualised growth programs that deeply integrate with your product to target, engage and reward customers.

Automated email rules for personalised marketing success: Email templates, Order confirmation, Email scheduling, Birthday,  Events, Order frequency (not back in x-days), etc.

Maximise engagement results and build brand loyalty with enhanced customer experiences via both email and sms.

Pricing (Australian dollars)


upfront: $2,500 setup.


monthly: $195 manage/host.

Portal  registration + loyalty

upfront: $1,500 build cost.


monthly: $150 manage/host.

Affiliate Centre

upfront: $1,250 setup.


monthly: $25 manage/host.

Automation email + sms

upfront: $350 design setup.

monthly: $100 (5 automations)

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