Your Creative Overview.

 Start your vision with a creative design style.  
As the technology company we do not tell you what your marketing designs should be.  But we are happy to share the tried and tested ideas that have worked very well for our clients. 
To assist in the creativity we have detailed the most popular customer engagement and loyalty designs.  
 Building Your Customer Engagement Design.
Use the below loyalty 'creation steps' to achieve your customer engagement goals.  And most of all 
With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019 you need a better online store.
More than just contact details, member portals done right entices customers to return more often.
Know Everything.  Automated data capture detailing who bought what, where, when and for how much. 
With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019 you need a better online store.
Detailed marketing and sales information by locations, dates, products and much more.
The freedom to automate your pro-active marketing in the most customised and personalised way.
What are your preferred Program Styles?
Below are the top 3 most popular program styles used to excite and delight customers. 

Points for Dollars is by far the most popular program style. When people think about loyalty they think 'Points'. .

A big benefit of a Points for Dollar program is that you can reward members for every purchase.  As points cost nothing to give, your only cost is when they are redeemed for items of your choice.  

Companies like Woolworths, Coles, Myer and Qantas spend millions annually promoting loyalty points for one simple works.

Buy X (get 1 Free) rewards the buying of a fixed quantity of a specific items (Buy 10 Coffees & Get 1 Free)..

Although still widely seen, this program style, which many think of as a digital version of the paper coffee card, is dropping off in popularity.


The drop off in Buy X programs is because most merchants wish to promote their entire range of goods as opposed to one specific item.

Similar to Loyalty, the Gift Card solution offers a range of Funds programs styles that increase customer acquisition and spend..

• Prepaid program: Gift Card, Tab Card, Vouchers, Tickets, Services.

• Postpaid program: Charge Card (Best Western), Postpaid Expenses.

Like Loyalty Points, Gift Card values cost you nothing to give, there is only a cost @ redemption.  And with a 0% MSF all the funds are yours. 

 Do you want to connect Customers to your Business?
Web-based and App-based options are available to capture member data while including all your design + features + campaign styles.
Merchant branding

Login with Email ability

Forgot P/W security
Name, Number & Join Date

Membership Barcode

Add to StoCard app feature
StoCard logo2.png
Style: Points Campaign

Purchases displayed

Style: Purchased Amount
More than just contact details, a member portal done right entices customers to return more often.
Want to engage with your customers based on their purchases?

Customer purchase data gives you insight that nothing else can.  Knowledge of your customers every preference.

With a selection of posIQ or SaleGrabber you have two customer data capture technologies to choose from.

How do these technologies work?
Member info is displayed while purchased items are sent to the POS.


Rewards, Vouchers, Coupons and Tickets are displayed and redeemed with a 1-button press.
cloud 2.gif
The POS receipt data is paired with member info and uploaded to the StickyFeet loyalty cloud.

Interacting with multiple solutions and program styles at one time, posIQ is the most expansive and user-friendly POS interface on the market today.

Interfacing + Turbocharging every POS (including yours) with features that include;

Emailed Receipts + Scan&Add Serial Numbers + Last 10 Items Purchased displayed.


SaleGrabber is an interfaced software 'popup' that displays on top of POS software running on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Although normally used for Loyalty Points solutions, you may choose to run a Gift Card solution instead.

 Do you want to sell your goods and services online?
As well as working for you 24/7 the IQcart on-line store also offers great features such as;
Gift Cards + eGift Cards purchased online can also be redeemed in-store (and vice-versa).
Points earned online can also be redeemed in-store (and vice-versa).
Coupons, Voucher and Promo-code capabilities make it easy to keep customers engaged.
Auto 'emailed & print' of customers order for efficient PickUp and Click'N'Collect services.
Retail Icon5.png
When a non-stocked item is purchased an auto-order can be sent to the supplier.
Stock level settings plus bonus stock and re-order reminders.
cafe reward store.png

With over 70% sales revenue growth since 2019, you know that consumers want to buy and be rewarded online.

Want fast 3-Step Reporting?
> Who buys the most?  

> Who has not been back in a while?  

> How many have just joined?  

> Run a report to better gauge your demographic so as to increase the overall spend average and frequency. 

> Different filtered Reports can be generated to output a variety of audited Customer outcomes.

Run a report and export the results to Excel for simple upload to your preferred marketing service.

Marketing to your client loyalty-base in 3 steps: 

1. Report  

2. Export  

3. Send

Email All of your loyalty customers or using the StickyFeet reports you can also segment by:

date range

 purchase frequency

 birth dates 

 search customer by keyword

Campaign Reports.jpg
Would you like to send personalised messages to the right people @ the perfect time

To: Debbie Williams

Subject: Welcome to our happy 'Pet Pal' family

Member Joins.png
Member Purchases.png

Customer Journeys

Pre-built Journey Templates

Welcome Journey

Lost customer

Customise pre + post purchase pathways

Transactional promo and follow-up  

Easy Setup Automations

Included Features

Email Templates

Date Based (Birthdays, Holidays, etc)

Location Based

Product Based

If/Then logic

Coding not required

Proximity to Points Rewards

Order Confirmation

First Order Lifecycle

Multi-Trigger designs


Schedule email times for optimum results