Gratitude Emails.

Loyal customers are the backbone of a business, and it’s imperative that you show them your gratitude for what they do for your company.

A little thanks goes a very long way.

While many brands send over a special offer on a customer’s birthday, those kinds of interactions are becoming more expected from consumers..

Take it one step further by thanking customers for their loyalty - which will in turn build up that faithfulness even further.

Nothing says Thank-You quite like, well, “Thank-You”.

We all want to feel appreciated and the best way is with a simple “Thank-You". 

With the StickyFeet platform from IQ Gecko - you have the ability to personally thank your customers any day and every day.



Emailing your own custom “Thank-You” greeting complete with “Points Status” after a purchase is very powerful as it reinforces the merchant’s relationship while also featuring all of your newest products, promotions and specials you want to highlight.

When you acknowledge each of your customers individually for being engaged members of your brand community, you demonstrate a desire to get to know them and continue building that relationship.

Personal attention goes a long way towards endearing customers to your brand, so making a sincere “thank-you” should always be a key component of your ongoing business model.

'Thank-You' is brand reinforcement.


Besides making your customers smile, this will also help set your business apart.

Welcome emails after a customer registers for your loyalty program is a great way to start your customer engagement on a good footing. 

One of the more powerful 'Thank-You' connections is when you send a Thank-You after a transaction.

As a small gesture can guarantee my customer loyalty, imagine what a combination of thank you gestures can do for your customer base!

At the end of the day, thanking customers is a huge step towards a thriving brand community that will keep your customers happy and coming back time after time.

Taking the 'Thank-You' step.


When you include a personal message, you turn the entire experience (even after the sale!) into an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customer. This turns a simple order into an exchange among friends. 

People like people who are like them - and people who like them.  It is simply good business to show gratitude to your customers.  The extra smile of appreciation your Gratitude Email gives them will make all their repeat shopping visits just that much more enjoyable.

The added bonus of including member benefits such as current points and available rewards increases member interest - while adding in your business specials with web links increases sales.  

It’s important to find a way that makes sense for your business, your brand, and above all your customers.  


IQ Gecko offer a range of ways to send a personalised Thank-You emails points such as; post-registration, at the POS (clerk controlled or automated) and scheduled - for birthdays or any event/occasion.  


Have a look at LoyaltyPad, posIQ and IQ Genius to learn more.


Saying “Thank-You” has never been so easy.

So what’s the impact of thanking customers in the world of retail?

I’m sure you already know that you should be thanking customers all year round and not just around the holidays, but you may not know the reasons behind supporting this line of thinking.

When customers are committed to your brand, they want to feel like you care about them as individuals.  Otherwise, you run the risk of them taking their business elsewhere.

In order to avoid losing them, the simplest thing you can do to make a customer feel valued is to thank them for being a successful part of your business and brand.

Through personalised emails you can remind customers that you are aware of their business and that you appreciate it

Your emails continue past the in-shop touchpoint and connect with your customers at home and work which increases your overall customer relationship and rapport.


Use the “Thank-You” email feature that is built into LoyaltyPad as well as the seamless posIQ module.

You will be very glad you did as you will gains even more brand advocates in the process!

Thankful Customer Experience Statistics.

60% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel the business is indifferent to them.

 38% of customers attribute a good customer experience to personalisation.

86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Communicate your appreciation.

Sending a thank-you  is a perfect chance to remind your customers of your beliefs and how much you value their business.

A thank-you email is a perfect chance to invite your customers to follow you on social media, introduce a loyalty program or write a review.