Nothing says Thank-You
quite like, well, “Thank-You”.

Saying “Thank-You” has never been so Easy

We all want to feel appreciated and the best way is with a simple “Thank-You”. 

The StickyFeet platform offers you the ability to thank you customers any day and every day.

A Thank-You can mean much more than Thank-You


By continuing past the in-shop to now also being invited in-home, your 

“Thank-You” email is increasing your customer relationship and rapport.

The “Thank-You” email feature is built into LoyaltyPad as well as into many of our SaleGrabber POS Connect modules.

Emailing your own custom “Thank-You” greeting complete with “Points Status” after a purchase is very powerful as it reinforces the merchant’s relationship while also featuring all of your newest products, promotions and specials you want to highlight.