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One Meal at a Time.

Hey, that’s no tuna sandwich.

Sometimes when children are given money for lunch, that healthy Tuna Sandwich that they were supposed to buy somehow turns into a soft drink and ice cream.    

With the IQ Gecko on-line module we give parents the ability to load Canteen Funds for the preferred meal.

Canteen Funds can be dedicated specifically for:

 Any purchase from all categories.

√  To purchase only from a specific food category.

√  To purchase only the exact meal selected for their child. 

Additional school revenue.

If the school chooses, they can run a transactional report so as to easily allocate a percentage of all transactions for students without a meal. 

This solution works as an additional income stream for the school as well as an easy and seamless school fund raiser option.

ID's can be whatever you want.

As well as working via a Mobile App, the StickyFeet platform can interface seamlessly with the current Student ID along with any Canteen POS..

Managing and tracking every Canteen sale is now as simple as




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