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We understand that taking a brand to the next level is not all about loyalty, it’s about being



Create a flexible program style that is perfect for your business from our packed range of features.

A full suite of Loyalty features.

Loyalty turns customers into ambassadors for your brand.

Loyalty programs are 10x more effective than the old  traditional' marketing style and Customers Love them!

Nearly 90% of people are in loyalty programs and most are in more than one.

Strengthening your customer relationships through improved engagements.

Reward your customers and see an increase in their visit and average spend amount.

We love Gift Cards.  Especially with 0% MSF.

Our Gift Cards power many businesses (including a multi-nationalhotel group)

Be Paid for New Clients.

40% of people visit a new merchant because of a Gift card they received.

0% Merchant Service Fees

0% Transactional Costs

$0 Cost to Load Funds

$0 Cost to Redeem Funds

$0 Cost for eGift Cards

The Gift Card 'pick-up' rate is 11-1 when compared with gift vouchers / certificates.

For 55% of people multiple visits are required to spend the entire Gift Card while 41% over-spend the value.

Reward + eRewards + Gift Rewards your way.

Your company branded Reward Store for leveraging the loyalty database.


When showing the customer points that they can earn with their shopping, they spend more to get more points.

Rewards based on your set level of Points.  You choose your rewards because you are in 100% control.

Effective loyalty rewards  surprise and delight those who shop with you - for something that previously went unnoticed.

Rewards builds a connection with the customer and creates up to a 306% Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Digital eCoupons.  Your loyalty supercharger.

Digital Coupons with your loyalty to ensure repeat customer visits.


77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more than they anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons.

59% of consumers say that digital coupons swayed them when it came to a purchase decision with 50% being more likely to visit a store with one.

Environmental eCoupons have $0 print costs & can be focused marketing based on consumer purchase habits.

The total value of digital coupon redemptions will reach over $91 million by 2022.  (100% increase from 2017)

Ticketing & Attendance.

Real-time 1-button Ticketing while capturing exactly who is at every event.

Admit One.png

Our Event Ticketing solution means that your tickets can be both Physical & Electronic.

A single ticket can offer entry into multiple locations over a specified time period.

Perfect for conventions.

Capture attendance in real-time. Reward your best attendees with Points, Gift Cards, Coupons or even Graduation Certificates.

Pre-load funds onto the ticket increases the sales value and makes life easier for the customer.

Good for sporting events.

Gratitude Emails.

Saying "Thank-you" is so easy with Gratitude Emails.


You now have the ability to thank your customers any day and every day.

We all like to feel appreciated and the best way is with a simple "Thank-You".

By continuing past the in-shop to now also being invited in-home, your  “Thank-You” email is increasing your customer relationship and rapport.

Emailing your own custom “Thank-You” greeting complete with Points Status after a purchase is very powerful as it reinforces the merchant’s relationship.

Sales Transactions and Basket Data info.

Knowledge has always been power.  Now knowledge is Profits too. 

Capture all transactional data including; merchant + customer + date + sales value + SKUs + product descriptions + more...

Knowing exactly what your merchants sell and the price
gives more negotiating power.

Perfect for buying groups.

Granular level data of sales from each retailer.  Insights to gauge every campaigns.

A dream solution for Marketing teams everywhere.

Imagine having all transactions listed in one common data set?

Now you can.
Great for franchise and marketing fees calculations.

Reports + Analytics.  Just login and go.

Giving you the Reporting tools to Measure, Manage and Review.


Design Your:

• Campaigns (no limits)

New | Birthday | Holiday | More

• Customer Data list

• Gratitude Email

• Reward levels & values


• Campaigns

• Members

• Permissions

• Marketing

Report and Review:

• Product Based (ie: coffee)

• Location Based (ie: Sydney)

• Time Based (ie: December)

• Member Based:

Points | Spend | Frequency | Product | More


Campaign data in real-time and view results with the capability to make adjustments on-the-fly.

Create.  We're here to help.

For all those important extras there is Create.


Your Card.  Their Wallet.

• Custom Designs

• Multiple Scan Capability

• Full Colour on Both Sides

• IQ Gecko 'logo subsidy'

Let's Get 'Appy:

• Your Company Branded

• Custom or Template built

• Notifications + GeoFencing

• Member Engagement

Marketing Services:

We have put together a select team of experts that can work with your marketing team or even as your marketing team.


We love putting stuff together and have heaps of integrations across multiple technologies. 

I.T. Support.  IQ Information Technology.

We do I.T. and we do IT great!


Seamless Loyalty requires: 

• Network + Web Connections

• Quality IT Systems 

• Productive + Efficient Tech

• Reliable Backup Solutions

Personal Relationships:

• With your Manager 

• With your IT Team 

• With your Solution Providers

Other I.T. Services:

• Installation + Training

• ScanForward S/W setup

• On-site Cabling + Networking

• Remote IT, PC + Networking

Customised setup with: 

• your POS

• your Network server 

• your current solution design

API - Application Programming Interface

We love being connected and our API based platform does just that.




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