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Custom creations compliment IQ Gecko loyalty programs and which help companies expand their foothold in the cutthroat world of marketing & business.


Enhancing the loyalty solution

As companies expand their market, they must also create programs to retain existing customers.

Through the use of Cards, Apps, integrations and the IQ Gecko loyalty platform it is possible to personalise the shopping experience of each individual who visits your business. 

Your Card.  Their Wallet.


Having your card branding in your customers wallet (wallet-share) is one of the first steps towards increasing the consumer

“wallet-spend” with your business.

Contact IQ Gecko now for all your card requirements.

Let's get Appy.


With an IQ Gecko built App you can engage with you customer at any time or place.

Geofencing allows location-based marketing and Gamification pro-actively entertains while promoting your brand.

Links to your company's social media pages and other enhanced capabilities (QR-Code reading, etc) are only just the beginning.



The IQ Gecko team is available to integrate software when a seamless solution is sometimes required.

Our team have worked on heaps of projects for many large Australian corporates.

We can’t tell you who all the large Australian corporates all are, but we can give you a hint and say that; you shop at some of them and you stream TV show (without ads) at others.


We're happy when you're happy

We know that deciding on which marketing activity to do can be a little daunting so we have put together a select team of experts for you.

For many companies we work hand in hand with their marketing team with a focus on loyalty campaigns and customer engagemen t.  For other companies we essentially are their marketing team.

Your marketing services team works with you to design and implement campaigns to your exacting standards and manage modules such IQ Genius.

Customer Loyalty Statistics.

According to 37% of consumers, they need to at least purchase 5 times to consider themselves loyal to a brand.

Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program.

77% of consumers have stayed loyal to specific brands for ten years or more.

IQ Gecko innovative tools assists brands to support their retailers while creating 1:1 direct relationships with the customer.