Coupons & Ticketing.

The best way to send, receive and transact online, in-app and at any physical location.

Cloud ticketing & coupon technology.

Because we love both traditional and new technologies, our event ticketing solution means that your tickets can be both Physical and Electronic..

Either way we can capture the time, date and location of the ticket sale and redemption..

Digital tickets and coupons also ensures that customers never lose or forget them again as it’s always on their phone.

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Perfect timing for Events & Attendance.

Be it education, work or extra events, the StickyFeet platform ticketing solution captures all attendees comings and goings.  

As well as attendees, ticketing also confirms the non-attendees non-comings and non-goings too - so it is easy to document every person's attendance date and location in real-time. 

Electronic ticketing.


We’ve got a product that will take your ticketing to the next level.

Whether you are completely new to the ticketing industry or already sell millions of tickets a year - IQ Gecko has a suite of ticketing tools, from your own custom ticket wallet app to real-time dashboard.

Our user friendly scale-free ticketing gives you everything you need to start selling tickets and allows you to market under your own brand. 

IQ Gecko greatly improve the ticketing experience by adding complete transparency and verifiable authenticity of buyers' tickets.  Making the purchase process straightforward for all.

Because IQ Gecko has clear and verifiable data on ticket ownership, your company has total control over the primary & secondary markets which also includes the profits that would have gone to scalpers.

With electronic ticketing there is no need to print tickets or post tickets. Nor is their a requirement to verify physical tickets.

Whereas physical tickets means guessing at the amount required and painful distribution (post, etc), with electronic ticketing you always have the exact amount of tickets - up to the limit you've set.

You set the rules for ticket pricing and (re)sales with online flexibly giving endless variations of shops, discounts and dynamic pricing.

Digital coupons (aka eVouchers)


Digital coupons are trackable, traceable and secure - whereas printed coupons and vouchers lack this control and can be easily manipulated and forged by fraudsters. 

There is overwhelming market research that suggests customers will be more inclined to make a purchase if they know they have a coupon or discount they can use to save money.

You may think that by offering a coupon, you’re undervaluing your products or services, but you could actually be increasing the amount of sales you get overall..

This will occur simply because customers who didn’t think about making a purchase before will change their mind now that they have a coupon in hand.

Sometimes the price point of a purchase is too much for customers. Instead of losing them entirely, offering a digital offer to sweeten the deal can turn them into lifelong customers.

Digital coupons are most often aimed at enticing a consumer to make a purchase at the retailer’s website by offering a certain percentage discount, free shipping, or other discount.

More and more, consumers expect coupons along with product and promotional messaging and retailers that don’t offer them risk being overlooked or losing to a competitor.

Companies invest more into coupon marketing as it is a successful and cost-effective loyalty and rewards programs acquisition strategy.

You can choose what you want to offer and promote via digital coupons so whether you are promoting a new item or moving older products that are collecting dust in the warehouse, use digital coupons and convert those products into sales.


Create experiences for a living and be a part of something bigger

Digital Tickets.


You want to grow and engage, with your community for stable recurring revenue with as little friction as possible.

Selling tickets is one of the biggest parts of event planning so it’s important to use the best event ticketing system.

Using a system helps you keep your attendee information and event data organised in one convenient location.


IQ Gecko gives you a ticketing system that gives you full control over your events.

Digital Coupons.


Every shopper wants a deal when buying products and services.

Companies that offer limited-time coupons find that sales skyrocket as the time limits creates a sense of urgency which converts the 'potential' customer who is on the fence into a buyer.

Think of digital coupons as the bait at the end of the fishing rod that can reel them in to trying out your valuable products and services..

Everyone enjoys saving money and digital coupons are a cost-effective way to get customers.


Increase customer engagement by adding posIQ technology and redeem digital coupons at the POS register in-store.

Ticketing + Couponing Statistics.

Digital tickets have improved event experiences for organisers & attendees by 65%.

By the end of 2021 the use of digital coupons reach 145.3 million users.

Digital coupon redemptions are predicted to surpass $90 billion in 2022.

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An electronic ticket, often called e-ticket, is the digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket. The term is most commonly associated with airline issued tickets.

Electronic ticketing for urban or rail public transport is usually referred to as travel card or transit pass. It is also used in ticketing in the entertainment industry.

An electronic ticket system is a more efficient method of ticket entry, processing and marketing for companies in the airline, railways and other transport and entertainment industries.