Mall Planet.

Showcasing hundreds of Virtual Mall online businesses. 


Opening businesses to the world.

Mall Planet creates demand by connecting shoppers to groups of  businesses (including yours) which gives customers access to the latest product information, pricing and deals.

Just like physical shopping malls, virtual malls businesses offer a wide range of products in one location which actively promotes consumer convenience, interest and demand. 

Virtual malls gives every business the ability to use links, PDF brochures, videos and ratings to instantly promote products, services, events, jobs & information @ any time of day because virtual malls never close.

Seamlessly connecting virtual stores with physical stores.

Virtual store online orders are sent directly to your preferred store, warehouse or head office, so you can easily manage your increased sales with current resources.

With the ability to have in-store and on-line transactions synced, you are always up-to-date.

Even gift cards and loyalty points earned online can be redeemed in-store, and vice-versa. 

For Millennials (and everyone else).


Within a virtual mall businesses leverage off each other to attract consumers from around the corner to around the globe.

Being part of a virtual shopping location that fulfils needs such as food, clothing, entertainment plus specialty services and goods, means your business within a virtual mall is able to engage with a global consumer base which is a must to gain today’s customers' trust and business.

Working 24/7, your virtual mall business is available for customers in bad weather, illnesses or other extenuating circumstances (ie: covid).

Customers want to have access to shopping from home.  Whether a virtual version of a physical mall or a community 'love locals' style mall or any other - by being part of a virtual mall you can now access all those customers to meet their needs and increase your profits.

From Virtual Mall to your Storefront.


Along the same lines of the advertising ability, you can also let customers know where you're located. Customers who may be new to the area, and those who typically shop the same few places may not even be aware of your storefront location.

Within the virtual mall you can advertise your in-store services and let shoppers know where the business is located plus offer incentives to have customers stop in and shop, like free shipping to store or additional savings.

Virtual Mall Gift Cards.


The ease and convenience of gift cards makes them the hottest selling items and 'go-to' present every year.

They are even more popular in a virtual mall as one card allows the consumer the flexibility to purchase from any store within the mall plus at every physical storefront that has a virtual mall connected store.

For the best in fiscal security, all gift cards purchase amounts are safely escrow released so that customer purchases are fast and payments to the businesses are seamless. 

Creating Consumer Loyalty.


We all know the 80/20 rule where 20% of your loyal customers earn you 80% of your profits. 

This is because loyalty members are repeat customers with increased purchase frequency while also spending more during each shopping experience.

Our multi-location loyalty means that your customers can earn and redeem their loyalty points in both your physical and online stores.

Part of the fantastic virtual mall data security means that all member points and transaction history in your store are only available to you.

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Virtual Shopping Malls for every Business

Businesses in a Virtual Mall find that their online store becomes their top store as it connects to a larger consumer groups from around the globe.

Virtual Malls are marketplaces that ticks everyones boxes:​

☑ Shoppers.

☑ Store Owners.

☑ Communities.

☑ Associations.

☑ Townships.

☑ Shopping centres.

☑ Publishers (print, radio & tv).

☑ Government bodies.

A white-labelled virtual mall that seamlessly interfaces with storefronts as well as home and mobile businesses.

Each business has its own mall webpage with online shopping cart to increase goods & Giftcard sales with bonus marketing info.

Promotions, showcases, events, competitions, directories & blogs further enhance the customer experience.

​Your virtual presence increases customer trust as it allows customers to verify the business.

With strong competition and shoppers looking for faster, more convenient ways to shop, getting your business online creates a very necessary consumer touch-point.

Online sales statistics

Almost half of online sales were by mobile devices in 2020

There were 2.05 Billion online shoppers in 2020.

75 Percent of People Shop Online at Least Once a Month

Online sales Are Predicted to Hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023

We help companies grow.

We help companies grow by focusing on capturing and automating the customised interactions that power and personalise customer experiences.

Why do we focus on experience?  Because experiences are a key component of a holistic solution that impacts your customers and your business.

And we know experiences drive businesses growth and faster revenue which increases customer lifetime value more.