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Review and Choose what best Suits Your Company.

The same StickyFeet real-time cloud Customer Engagement Platform is supported and used by Merchants in over 65 Countries making the StickyFeet the Worlds Largest Loyalty Platform.


the StickyFeet Platform includes:

+ Merchant Dashboard

+ Points For Dollars Loyalty Program

Buy X (get 1 free) Loyalty Program

Gift Card Program (0% MSF)

+ Unlimited Reporting searches on:

  * date range

  * purchase frequency

  * birth dates

  * search customer by keyword

  * and more...

+ Export reports to Microsoft Excel 

+ MailChimp report interface

+ Configurable Points Ratios

+ Mobile LoyaltyPad in your hands

+ Auto "Thank-you" email @ purchase 

+ Branded Registration web page

+ Branded Points Status web page

A Loyalty, GiftCard and/or Payment App is a simple and effective way to mobilise your company and engage with your customers anytime & anywhere.


the Mobile App features includes:

+ Apple (iOS) and Google (Android )

+ Interfaced to your program

+ Customer points & history display 

+ Links to the merchants:

  * social media (facebook, etc)

  * shopping cart

  * merchant location map

+ Optional GeoFencing + iBeacons +

Notifications (Location Services) +

QR Code Reading capable. 

The “ThankQ” Rewards Store

gives your clients very generous points redemption value while saving you money.  In fact, the cost incurred by your company for each $100 worth of points given may be as little as only $60.

Because the points are securely held in-house your company will not have any costs for giving points.

Only when the points are redeemed for goods will there be any cost incurred. And even when the points are redeemed the purchase costs are discounted to your company.

The 3rd-party products are made available to your customers while the "thanks", along with the Rewards Store discounts and savings go to your company.

Add a “Discount GiftCard” feature link and your App will grow via your loyalty customers friends & family.

IQ Genius
Putting your Data to work

LoveLocals is a 'Shop Local" solution with steroids with business acquisition for both the Club and LoveLocals Merchants.


Giving a sense of community by using pooled resources for a cross-pollination of spend, LoveLocals increases the Club and Business 
relationships with local consumers by boosting revenues through local spending.


Imagine if groceries or your daily coffee added up to that new shirt that you had your eye on or a great night out at your favourite restaurant?


LoveLocals does even more.


LoveLocals features:

1> 100% cloud-based 

2> No ($0) Merchant Hardware Cost

3> Every transaction documented 

4> Merchant thank-you emails

5> Use Club prizes for in-store promos

By using games and game mechanics to engage and instantly reward customers, IQ Gecko can provide enhanced strategies that drive customer acquisition, further personalize engagement and increase retention.,


It places Your Brand on up to 19.4 million Australian mobile phones.

IQ Gecko brings those customers physically into your store.

Converting a digital engagement into a physical in-store visit and purchase. 


Brands such as Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks, DBS Bank and Zizzi Italian Restaurants have all adopted gamification digital marketing with great success.  

Contact us to discuss how Your Brand can earn and influence more customers. 

Manually or Automatically manage the reporting historic sales trends, business successes, liabiity reports, marketing campaigns and much, much more.


Both sales and marketing teams can set activities to automatically trigger the relevant campaigns (or reports) when the designated set of circumstances happen.


the IQ Genius features includes:

+ Cloud based - work from anywhere 

+ A log-on for Data Entry and Review 

+ Up to 5 x custom auto-campaigns

+ Up to 7 x custom business reports  

+ Optional IQ Genius features include:

  * additional log-on permissions

  * report design capability

  * mobile app version

  * predictive analytics (forcasting, etc)

  * local server data hosting

  * and more...


Interfacing to almost any POS... ...including yours.


SaleGrabber gathers the same sales data that goes to almost every PC-based POS printer and attaches this data with the Loyalty Card customer details so that you can track exactly who bought what, where, when and for how much.


SaleGrabber POS interface includes:

+ Displaying Customer Name on POS

+ Displaying Customer Points on POS

+ Points earned @ POS automatically

+ Points spent are tracked through POS

+ Auto-capture every loyalty sale value

+ Optional SaleGrabber features include:

  * lookup customer without card

  * capture every sale (not just loyalty)

  * capture loyalty Basket Data

  * capture every sale Basket Data

  * intelligent reciept marketing: print a Coke coupon when a Pepsi is purchased

  * and more...

If you can imagine a seamless step-by-step transaction work-

flow then you have just imagined the sleek simplicity that is the

IQ Gecko Digital Signage solution.


Digital Signage allows for the replacement of posters with the added advantage of almost 

immediate customer-facing 

digital marketing. 


With image and video uploads as easy as "drag-and-drop" your new Digital Signage solution gives you complete image control at every location.


Digital Signage features:

+ Remotely upload images & videos

+ Content sent to one screen - or all

+ Interface to customer loyalty program

Engage your customers from the first page and make them want to give you even more information with an enticing registration page.


Our customisable Registration Web Portal has all the bells and whistles - but not the big price tag.


With cutting edge features and easily editable images and text, you can save thousands of ongoing web developer costs as you can simply log in and change your text and images on the fly.


the Premium Portal features includes:

+ Change your text anytime 

+ Adjust images and links

+ Email confirmations 

+ LUHN capable 

+ Optional portal features include:

  * additional custom fields

  * and more...

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