Case Study:

Gladesville Pharmacy

The Requirement

As a business leader, Gladesville Pharmacy local pharmacy wanted to acknowledge and reward their community members with an easy to use loyalty program.


With an ageing demographic, Gladesville Pharmacy also
needs the ability to register members on-site and email point updates during the sale. 

The Solution

Overview:  As the pharmacy uses cash registers with no interface capabilities, IQ Gecko supplied the LoyaltyPad solution. Don’t let the name fool you, as well a mobility - LoyaltyPad gives Gladesville Pharmacy real-time customer loyalty and giftcard engagement.

A branded web page for in-store customer registration and one click ‘Gratitude Emails’ makes loyalty transactions quick and engaging communication emails immediate. 

Specifics:  LoyaltyPad is web-based and works perfectly on any SmartPhone, Tablet, Computer or Web Browser.

Strategically placed tablets next to ever cash register ensured that loyalty transactions and sending gratitude emails is as easy as scanning a card and pressing a button.

The customer registration portal is a pre-logged web page ready to enter in new loyalty member details. 

Workflow:  After collecting their card in-store and registering either in-store or online, the member earns points by by the clerk scanning their cards and entering in the sales value.

The workflow gives the clerk the option to send a gratitude email and upload the basket data to the StickyFeet loyalty cloud for marketing and reporting.

The Result

With the ongoing success of LoyaltyPad, Gladesville Pharmacy continues to build their fantastic community loyalty success.

Watch the 90-second video to learn more about LoyaltyPad.

Read about the benefits of Loyalty and Gift Cards, click on the applicable card below.

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